Top-3 Casinos That You Should Play in 2021

The regular daily routine of a 21st-century person remains a race: we are always in a hurry to manage more, try out something new, keep up for better results, etc. The entertainment sphere is nothing else, and it also has to change rapidly to be able to meet the extremely high expectations of a new […]Read More


How to turn off Discord’s annoying ‘Snowsgiving’ alert sounds

Snowsgiving, Discord's annual charity drive. The Snowsgiving theme makes mostly small visual changes, but users quickly noticed all of the standard notification sounds had been replaced with ear-splitting festive jingles. The Snowsgiving sounds were enabled by default for a few hours after the update, but Discord has since made them opt-in only. If they're still […]Read More


This guy decided to mock our future AI overlords with

Tom's Hardware, YouTuber Henri Rantanen, aka Nerdaxic, has decided to tempt fate and build his very own GLaDOS custom home assistant. The details of the project are available for public view over on GitHub. The heart of the build is a Raspberry Pi 4 running Rantanen's custom Python code. He's hoping to replicate all of […]Read More


One of the most popular VTubers is now trying to

the announcement video. “It sounds complicated but new and fun at the same time.” (Image credit: Kizuna AI) “I want to bring things like that closer to people and experience new fun things together,” she said. “I want to be more in part of everyone's daily lives.” Although the VTuber didn't announce any specific NFTs […]Read More


The Matrix Awakens tech demo is only releasing on consoles

The Matrix Awakens. It's available to preload now on the consoles, but won't release on PC, an Epic Games representative confirmed to PC Gamer. No virtual Keanu Reeves for us, at least outside of Cyberpunk 2077. I'm not expecting anything as significant as Kojima horror demo PT—it'll be an ad for The Matrix Resurrections to […]Read More


It’s been a great year for RPGs, if you hate

Disco Elysium pushed the RPG genre so far people said it wasn't really an RPG at all. They called it an adventure game, or a visual novel. Disco Elysium really was an RPG of course—one with roots in CRPG classic Planescape: Torment and the kind of tabletop roleplaying with actual dice—but it was revolutionary enough […]Read More