Code: To Jin Yong Turns Martial Arts Literature Into An

During its annual Spark 2022 conference, Tencent Games unveiled Code: To Jin Yong, a new open-world action title steeped in wuxia literature and created in Unreal Engine 5. The upcoming game comes from LightSpeed Studio, a Chinese team most notable for developing Apex Legends Mobile and PUBG Mobile. Code: To Jin Yong is an adaptation of […]Read More


Neon White review

Official site In the moment, Neon White is bliss. A heavenly dance as you cut demons apart across heavenly docks, Sega-blue skies raining blistering summer light on your pristine battlefield. As you first-person platform your way across each stage, you're not just shaving limbs off of demons, but seconds off your time, repeating each level […]Read More


Ubisoft Confirms Gamescom 2022 Attendance

Gamescom returns as a hybrid in-person/online event this August, and the pieces have begun falling into – and in several cases, out of – place. Although several big publishers have already pulled out of what’s arguably the biggest convention in gaming, Ubisoft has confirmed it will have a presence at the show. See you at […]Read More


Introducing FieldSense in Madden NFL 23

Get ready to hit the field with Madden NFL 23 and see how FieldSense gives you more control at every position. The FieldSense gameplay system is only available on the Xbox Series X|S version of Madden NFL 23. What is FieldSense? FieldSense is an all-new foundation for consistent, ua-realistic gameplay that gives players more control […]Read More


CLX Set Scarab Gaming PC

CLX Set gaming PC is looking to place at the top of the pack in a crowded field of PCs all looking for space on your desktop. This compact gaming PC makes a good first impression out of the box, but much like the Egyptian Gods of Old, they can be fickle deities.   The […]Read More


F1 22 review

Official site F1 is properly back in vogue thanks to the Hamilton/Verstappen controversy of last year's finale, Netflix's Drive to Survive docuseries, and closer racing thanks to sweeping rule changes. Every team has managed to score championship points before the midway point of this season. Picking any one of these angles would be a great […]Read More


How to complete the Empty Grief challenge in Destiny 2

Calus Bobbleheads, or if you've just started, you might also want to know what Opulent Keys and chests are and how to open them for loot. (Image credit: Bungie) Destiny 2 Empty Grief: How to complete the challenge  It's hard to tell if this was intentional or not, but the reason why the challenge isn't […]Read More