Confusion over the release date of Star Wars: Outlaws. Disney turns it on, Ubisoft denies it

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January 3, 2024, 09:11

Disney caused some confusion regarding the release date of Star Wars: Outlaws, but the company quickly corrected the new information as a “mistake” in collaboration with Ubisoft.

Source: Ubisoft.


For a brief moment, it seemed like we knew the release date of at least one new game from the Star Wars universe. However, according to Ubisoft, Disney’s post about the release of Star Wars: Outlaws did not align with the truth.

According to the latest information from the French publisher, the new work from Massive Entertainment is set to be released in 2024. The creators have not confirmed the exact date or even a more approximate timeframe. However, the latter was noticed in a New Year’s announcement posted on the official Disney Parks blog (the entertainment giant’s film division, as per the name). In that post, it was mentioned that Outlaws was slated to hit the market “later in 2024.”

The past tense in the previous sentence is noteworthy as the information disappeared from the post. Of course, not quickly enough for internet users to preserve its original version (via Wario64 / X/Twitter). PC Gamer learned from Ubisoft that the original release date for Star Wars: Outlaws remains unchanged, and the one provided by Disney in the initial post was a “mistake.”

It’s worth noting that in October, the French publisher made changes to the release schedule, including postponing the debut of a “big game” to the next fiscal year, i.e., the period from April 2024 to March 2025. Some speculated that this might be related to Outlaws, but it didn’t matter much since Ubisoft did not provide the exact release date for this highly anticipated production.

At least we know that the title is expected to be released this year, which is more than can be said about another Star Wars game.

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