Sony may soon offer the DualSense V2 controller with a 12-hour battery.

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January 11, 2024, 17:30

Sony may soon surprise gamers by introducing the DualSense V2 for PlayStation 5 to the market. The controller is expected to offer extended battery life and a charging station included in the set, while maintaining the price level of the current model.

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It looks like Sony is preparing to introduce an improved version of the PlayStation 5 controller to the market – DualSense V2. According to information that appeared on the Best Buy Canada website, the new model is expected to significantly extend battery life, allowing for 12 hours of operation on a single charge.

In addition, the set is expected to include a DualSense charging station, which was previously sold separately.

The price of the DualSense V2 controller, set at 89.99 Canadian dollars, will remain at the same level as the current model. This means that in Poland, after adding VAT, the default price of the controller should be 330 zlotys.

Best Buy listed the following features of the improved controller:

  1. Compatibility with PlayStation 5;
  2. Wireless connectivity;
  3. Iconic, comfortable design that naturally fits in the hand;
  4. Haptic feedback replacing traditional vibration drive motors for more realistic gameplay;
  5. Dynamic, adaptive triggers allowing experiencing different levels of tension and resistance during interactions with games;
  6. Built-in microphone for communicating with other players in online games;
  7. Headphone jack socket allowing the connection of favorite headphones;
  8. DualSense Charging Station (included in the set) offering easy and convenient charging;
  9. Exceptional 12-hour battery life after full charging, enabling long gaming sessions.

Earlier Sony patents suggested the creation of a controller with a touchscreen and dynamic lighting. However, the above description does not include information about such innovations. Therefore, we can assume that DualSense V2 will not differ significantly from the original version.

The company has been consistently improving the design of its controllers for several years. The same situation occurred during the PlayStation 4 Pro release, where Sony decided to make minor improvements to the DualShock 4 controllers, also marking them as “V2”.

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There is considerable interest in the new model online, mainly due to the promising battery performance. The current version of DualSense is mainly criticized for its short battery life and issues like drifting analogs, which are potentially related to the implementation of low-quality components.

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The official release date and further information regarding the sale of the controller have not yet been announced. This leak could have been accidental, and the official presentation of the controller may occur during the upcoming PlayStation State of Play event in the coming weeks or at a larger presentation, most likely in the second half of the year.

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