Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Lost Drengr guide: Where to find all six Lost Drengr and how to kill them Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Like someone we know), so even though you hit him before you hit him, his attack will continue. His Rune abilities, the ones that glow red, are telegraphed in a very short time window. I highly recommend having a shield on hand and being extra defensive. You will need to be able to parry his attacks and that shield is very handy because if you don’t time it correctly, you might end up blocking. Slowly reduce his defense meter to the point where you can take out a stun attack. Then chip away at him with parrying attacks and taking a few hits until he gets better.

The location of Gotafrid Fairrobes is marked in white. (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Eurvicscire Gotafrid Fairrobes

Suggested power level:

310Gotafrid can be described as a monster. He will use a variety weapons during the fight, and even more, he will sometimes run to the edges to throw weapons at you. If you don’t have the Missile Reversal skill, grab it from the skill tree (straight South from the center node on the Raven path). This will allow you to grab weapons mid-air and then throw them back to him for extra damage. He uses two shields, or a hammer with a shield. It can be very difficult to parry his attacks properly. To create the opportunities you need to defeat him, parrying is your best option. Grab Brush with Death (west of the Raven path’s center node) to slow down time and allow you to get some great attacks in.

The location of Skegjold is marked in white. (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Snotinghamshire – Skegjold Frenzy Seeker

Suggested power level:

310Skegjold, one of the most difficult Lost Drengr. She can be found just east of Snotinghamscire’s southern synchronization points in a tower near the cliffs. Talk to her and then go to her campfire to drink the liquid. This will elevate you to an extreme level and make her attack you. Although fighting high can have some advantages, your adrenaline meter will continue to fill. However, Skegjold regenerates her health constantly and attacks very quickly with daggers. You can take a few seconds to catch your breath and she will just heal all of the damage. You can block her quick stabs with a shield, which is great because they can be deadly fast. Missile Reversal can be used to deal additional damage if she throws daggers at your face.

Orwig’s exact location is marked in white. (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Hordafylke – Orwig Neverdeath

Suggest power level

It doesn’t really matter. Orwig has a recommended power of 370, which probably makes him one of the most formidable enemies in Valhalla. He would, if he wasn’t located right next to a large cliff with jagged rock at the bottom. Follow the path north from Alreksted until you reach him. Make sure that you have the Rush or Bash ability assigned for your hotbar before you start fighting. It can be found in a Ravensburg house in southern Grantebridgescire. You should position Orwig so that he is between you and the cliff. Then, use Rush and Bash on him to charge him. Once he is freed, grab him and throw him off the hotbar. It’s not so difficult now, is it?