Beyond Good & Evil 2 director Michel Ancel denies accusations of toxic mismanagement null

It was quite a surprise when Ancel announced that he would be leaving Ubisoft after thirty years of service to an animal sanctuary. Ancel was the creative head of Beyond Good & Evil 2, a sequel that took nearly eight years to complete and which he seemed passionately about. Liberation, a French news outlet, published two reports today in which several employees claimed that Ancel created a toxic environment at work and mismanaged the project. Ubisoft and Ancel both confirmed that he was being investigated before Ancel resigned. However, Ancel later denied the accusations on Instagram. Both Liberation’s original report and the follow-up interview with Ancel were in French. ResetEra users have translated both articles. Ancel allegedly made development teams abandon months of work at will in his initial report. Ubisoft employees claim that Ancel would often change the creative vision of BG&E2, and even create new features while speaking to the press. This was something that was never communicated to development teams beforehand. Ancel was said to be prone to depression and burnout. Ubisoft had even to remove him from the development team by establishing layers of middle management. One employee said to Liberation that Ancel could explain to you that you are a genius and that your idea is brilliant. Then he would disassemble you in meetings and say that you are a piece of sh*t and that your work is useless. He is someone who creates by erosion. His vision is being eroded and the people around him are being eroded. Ubisoft didn’t reveal that Ancel was being investigated when he announced his resignation on September 18. Ancel was not aware that he was under investigation by Ubisoft when he announced his departure on September 18. He said that BG&E’s troubles were something many people weren’t prepared for. It’s possible to say, “There are moments of doubt that the direction that I’m going is not well explained or understood. Ancel denied the allegations on Instagram after that interview was published. Ancel wrote, “I will fight to the truth because such allegations are a shame.” “I worked hard on all my projects and had respect for the team. These accusations are false. Liberation’s initial report raised several key issues that Acel’s post addresses. As director of BG&E2, he claims it was not his responsibility to manage the development staff but to “bring perspective” while producers and managers decide what, when, and how to do it. He denies forcing developers to start work from scratch, particularly in the area that was the subject of BG&E2’s first reveal. Ancel stated that “The news from liberation contains false [information] revealed [by few people] who [want] [to destroy me] and the projects,” although Ubisoft didn’t say if the investigation was related to the behavior described by Liberation. Ubisoft spokeswoman told Kotaku that Yves Guillemot had promised in July that any allegation would be investigated and that no one would be left out of the process. This would include Michel Ancel. Michel told the Liberation journalist that he is being investigated. We have no further information as the investigation is ongoing. Liberation reports that Ancel said he quit Ubisoft on his own.