Everything we know about Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Screenshot from the reveal of Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion.

Tim gave a huge interview about crafting which revealed some amazing details. You’ll eventually be able make a weapon with exactly the god roll you desire. Joe Blackburn called it “a long pursuit with weapons.” You won’t have to keep multiple weapons as you can see the perks that you can craft with each. We think it will be a very simple process. We’ll keep you updated when we have more information.

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen gameplay has been updated

Players will have the ability to select which difficulty they wish to play certain activities at. Enemy scaling will shift. For those who are looking for a challenge, a Legendary difficulty mode will be available at launch. This should be good news for all Grandmaster Nightfall pros. The difficulty of missions will vary depending on how many people are in your fireteam. This is a good thing for Grandmaster Nightfall pros. Expect big balance changes as the current subclasses will be moved to the modular version seen with Stasis. Void will be reworked first with Solar and Arc modifications coming later in this year. The Hive also now have Light, which means we’ll soon see some Hive “Guardians”. This means we will need to hunt for the Hive Ghosts that are super cool, which I don’t mind.

Destiny 2 Year 5 raids and dungeons

In Year 4, the Vault of Glass was revived and will be back in Year 5. The Vault of Glass was successfully revived in Year 4, and the return of another classic raid will happen in Year 5.



Destiny 2 roadmap

The Witch Queen is not the end of it. There are two additional expansions planned for the next few years. Lightfall is next, followed by the unexpected The Final Shape, which will conclude a ten year story. Ten years! Ten years! Gjallarhorn, the powerful and powerful Gjallarhorn will be appearing in Destiny 2 for a first time. Ya girl is super excited about this. A pirate-themed Dungeon will be available, as well as new armour sets. Bungie’s 30th anniversary pack can be pre-purchased on Steam for $25/PS21/EUR25

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Remember me: How tall is Savathun!

She stands a staggering 21 feet tall, and can even stand on my neck.