Fata Deum is a god game with Black & White vibes, coming in 2021 null

Fata Deum, despite its ambiguous name, is not Godus. Although it’s more in line with earlier god games, Black & White seems like the most obvious muse. However, there is a clear attempt at evoking the genre’s glory days more broadly. Next year, it will be available for Steam Early Access. Your god status is good. You have the ability to manipulate mortals. However, they still have free will. You can give them instructions to build temples, farms, and settlements. If they get tired of you, you can sacrifice them to summon a legion demons. Although you can be a good deity, the promise of “debauchery, blood” is much more appealing. You can consolidate your divine power by using elemental spells and dark magic. Your little civilisation will change to reflect your arsehole status. Settlements dedicated to an evil god will not be small, quaint villages with cozy pubs. They will be filled with gothic architectures and undead servants. Others gods would prefer that mortals worship them instead. You’ll need to compete for their love or fear. Each god has their own preferences, serving as gods of violence and deceit, fertility, pleasure, and pleasure. You’re the free-spirited young god who can do what they want. Most likely, you have a leather jacket. Fata Deum was Kickstarted in April with approximately PS53,000/$70,000 pledged. It’s been in development for several years. 42 Bits Entertainment plans to release it in April. However, it is only in Early Access. At the moment, it predicts that it will remain in Early Access for nine more months.