How to complete the Saint Albanes Abbey raid in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla ac valhalla st albans abbey key raid pilgrimage

AC Valhalla settlement in Ravensthorpe. Most raids are fairly straightforward–rush in, overwhelm the guards, smash down a few doors, loot chests–but Saint Albanes requires some story progression before you can access all its areas.Saint Albanes Abbey has a surprising amount of supplies to be had, and it’s not always obvious how to access certain buildings or knockdown vulnerable walls. You can get all of that wealth by reading on the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla guide to St Albanes Abbey.

How to end the raid at AC Valhalla’s Saint Albanes Abbey

Saint Albanes Abbey covers a large area, so it is worth exploring to find what else you might find. The doors leading to Saint Albanes Abbey need to be opened with the help a clansman. However, one door will require you find and cut through a section of straw wall to get to the key to Valhalla St Albanes Abbey.

It will be available to you automatically when you return during the Oxenefordscire storyarc.

Now, let’s move on to the abbey itself. You can’t get in through the doors. You will need to climb to the roof to open one of the stained glass windows on the upper level. The guards will then be taken care of by you as you hop through the door. The windows on the lower floors can also be shot, but it isn’t possible to squeeze through the opening.

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You’ll find a broken wall once you get inside. You can go back outside to pick up one the red jars left behind–you know, the ones that you use to light archers’ platforms on fire. Take one back to the abbey and put it beside the wall. To break through the jar and retrieve the treasure, move back.