How to get the Briton Shield from Temple of Mithras in AC Valhalla AC Valhalla Temple of Mithras armor

There is a lot of AC Valhalla wealth in Lunden, however, you might be curious about how to get it.

How to obtain the AC Valhalla Temple of Athiras gear

It’s not difficult to find the entrance. However, it is important to note that the area is heavily guarded and you can choose how to deal with the situation. You have two options: you can climb the walls and grab them with arrows, or stealth in to bypass as many as possible. Whatever you decide, you will be heading towards the entrance via a square staircase in the middle courtyard.

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After reaching the bottom of the stairs, squeeze your way through the opening to your left. Follow the passage until you reach a small drop-off. You will see a dead end to your left so continue straight until you find an opening to your right. Continue straight along another passage until reaching a wall. Turn right. This wall will have two shelves that can be moved. To reveal a crawlspace, you will need to move the second shelf. Turn right and continue down the slope until you reach the next wall. Continue following this passage until you reach the dead end. Continue down until you reach the wooden plank floor. Turn left. The chest should be ahead. To receive the Briton Shield, you must open the chest.

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