Soviet city-builder Workers & Resources has planes and tourism now An image of a cargo airplane from Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic.

Workers and Resources: The Soviet Republic has become a lot more complex and detailed thanks to the introduction of planes, tourism, as well as the industrial resources that support them. Updates include new airports and plane production factories. Aluminum is now in the spotlight, with the extraction of bauxite ore and its processing into aluminum oxide. The rise of tourism has also been reflected in the development of amusement parks and hotels that allow people to visit your country. Workers & Resources is an Early Access release on Steam. The developers have made many improvements to the game over the past year, including the addition of nuclear power, season, shipbuilding and seasons, as well as adding factory infrastructures and nuclear power. The update almost completes sound effects and adds the first version of a building editor for those who don’t have the necessary 3D modeling skills. This is a challenging city builder that requires you to manage all aspects of the economy from trade and exports to concrete production. It’s nice to have Workers & Resources added. At first glance, tourism looks like a great way to hire people who aren’t in a factory or extractive sector. Workers & Resources Soviet Republic is available on Steam at 20% off during the winter sale, and on the official 3Division website. This indie studio is located in Slovakia.

(Image credit: 3Division)