The best free PC games in 2021 SuchArt free game demo

Here are our top free PC games and a list of the top free-to-play ones. F2P games can be a huge time sink, so make sure you find the one that is right for you. It is hard to quantify the number of great free games available. However, this list should be enough to keep you entertained for many hours.

These are the best free PC games available right now

  • Loco Motive is a throwback to the classic LucasArts point and click adventures with a great sense humor. You can solve a murder mystery on a train, and enjoy the pixel art as well as funny writing.
  • Blaseball: A huge simulation of sports betting that almost defies explanation. But we tried.
  • B.J. – Return to Castle Monkey Ball This mashup of Wolfenstein 3D & Monkey Ball features bananas.
  • NERTS! Online – Up to six players can play a competitive solitaire game. What is a Nert? I don’t know. But NERTS! Online is a new online version of the long-running multiplayer solitaire game that Zachtronics’ game developers love so much they created a digital version after Covid-19 made it impossible to go to the office.
  • Museum of Mechanics Lockpicking – This digital museum offers more than just an educational experience. It also provides an interactive exploration of lockpicking miniaturegames.
  • SuchArt: Creative Space – This is a simple demo but it’s surprisingly entertaining. It gives you a sandbox, powerful painting tools and a place to play. This simulation will help you get rid of the urge to paint your entire house if you feel a little bit crazy.
  • AI Dungeon is a text adventure that you can access through your browser. The characters and story are decided in real-time by both you and an AI. Sometimes things can go terribly awry, creating absurd and nonsensical situations.

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The best free games for PC: No-cost-to-play

The majority of free games listed here are free, but the free-to-play PC game is a little different. These games are supported by microtransactions in-game or updates that may cost money. You don’t


They don’t require you to pay anything, but they are designed to make you part with your cash. They’re big, updated, and fun games that you can play for many years. We think they are worth your most precious commodity, time.

Warzone: Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Warzone started as a side-mode to Modern Warfare but has since grown into a fully fledged battle royale that boasts over 85 million players. It’s a great game if you like CoD’s quick shooting (provided that you have enough hard drive space). Like Fortnite, CoD has so much to offer that you won’t feel compelled to spend real money.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact might look similar to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and has the same open-ended exploration. It’s an action-RPG that has a lot of characters. The best part is building a strong team with unique elements and combining them in exciting combinations. There are many treasure chests to be found.


Fortnite is the huge sandbox battle-royale, which really doesn’t need any introduction. It has hosted concerts, Star Wars characters and Marvel heroes, among other things. Fortnite’s unique combination of shooting and building keeps the world current. It is still the battle royale against which all other players must compete.


The digital card game you must beat. Hearthstone is like any online game. It has its ups as well as downs. However, each expansion brings a new exciting meta to learn. You have two options: compete against the best and earn Legend status every month or play wild in the Anything-Goes Wild mode.


All cards are fair play. If you prefer singleplayer content, there is plenty of it.

Path of Exile

It is Diablo-like in its detail and has a remarkably rich character development and progression system. Although it’s not the most visually stunning action-RPG, it’s still enjoyable and rewarding over the long term. Fans of Diablo 2 or its ilk should not be bothered by microtransactions. It’s a great time for play in 2021, since Path of Exile is getting what is most likely its final expansion before Path of Exile 2, which will land in 2022.


Riot’s tactical shooter, Valorant, takes aim at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive using a hero-driven twist. Valorant, a competitive shooter for a reasonable price, is an excellent game that you can play for hours. The majority of the heroes are included in the box for no cost. If you play enough, the rest of the heroes can be unlocked at no charge. The unlock process can be skipped if you spend 10 dollars per hero. However, it is not necessary. Cosmetic weapon skins, which can cost anywhere from $10 to $100, are where the majority of the game’s revenue. These prices can be quite outrageous, but they don’t stop Valorant from being competitive and deep.

Free classic games

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Classics: The best free PC games

The Dark Mod – A tribute to the Thief Series, this standalone game allows you to download a huge variety of stealth levels from tightly controlled ones like Thief’s Den to more open ones like Return to the City and lots of scary ones like The Creeps. As such, it’s impossible to agree on who owns the rights to the classic stealth FPS. You can’t even purchase the original game. You can download it and its sequel at no cost by clicking this link. Its charming 1960s setting and clever humor hold up well. The key to its success is creatively using the array of Bond-esque gadgets available to you. StarCraft – Blizzard now sells shiny remasters. But if the original is good enough to be used in South Korea, then it’s good enough to us. It’s no wonder that Elder Scrolls 2 is a esports phenomenon. The game features a huge, ambitious world with provinces like High Rock and Hammerfell. Many of the things that became standard in the series, such as the ability to join the Mages Guild option, were created here. Beneath a Steel Sky – This point-and-click adventure by the creator of Broken Sword features artwork by Watchmen’s Dave Gibbons. It has a twisty sci fi story and a great sense of humor. Its most interesting feature is the way that your AI friend Joey can insert his electronic brain into various mechanical robots to solve puzzles. It’s currently being developed a sequel. Archive.org’s MS-DOS collection contains over 4000 games. They are all easy to emulate and can be played in a matter of seconds. Wolfenstein 3D and Prince of Persia are just a few of the many games you can play.

Puzzle games for free

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The best free PC games are Puzzle

Transmute! Transmute! – This is a wonderful puzzle game in which you can transform yourself into various objects. You could transform into a key to unlock a lock or a boat to navigate the open sea. You’ll unlock a beautiful, friendly fantasy land by doing so. This puzzler is a top-down Sokoban-style game where you must hop between islands using magic mirrors to swap with your reflection. Getting out of each one will test your brain, but you’ll be even more taxed trying to figure out what’s going on in their bizarre universe.Corrypt – What starts as a relatively simple block-pushing game ends as one where you’ll reshape the world, by using magic to reprogram the state of the environment.Counterfeit Monkey – Words are great, aren’t they? In this text-based puzzle, they hold the power to change the world. The letter remover allows you to modify the items around your by deleting one letter from their names. It is not easy, but it is less stressful for your reflexes. It’s a puzzle-platformer that is isometrically about a girl’s journey to the edge of the universe. The Republia Times – You are the editor of a newspaper under totalitarian rule in this game by the creator of Return of the Obra Dinn. You must decide which stories you want to publish each day and how much space. This will impact the popularity of your newspaper and the approval of the government. Smart and shrewd.

Horror games for free

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The best free PC games: Horror

No Players Online – In the original No Players Online, your only option is to log on to an old FPS and play a futile game called Capture the Flag. We Are Broken – A interactive visual novel in which you have to talk your way out from being eaten by a Vampire. We Are Broken creates a dark, cruel world filled with savage music and cutting-edge visuals. An old speaker gives you instructions and you are forced to follow them. It’s horrible enough to be trapped. But, what makes it even more terrifying is the large hole in the corner of this room. This is where darkness covers whatever is inside. Bleakshore – This chilling adventure uses the fuzzy, low-fi aesthetics of PS1-era 3D graphics. It creates an intimidating atmosphere as a shadowy figure follows you around the landscape…Faith Faith – Faith seduces you into believing that you are safe and secure, even though it is a friendly lesson in typing from Lynch. But, the nightmare becomes a disorienting, surreal nightmare. David helps players type faster and one time you must touch a gross, twitching bug. You’re doing a great job, kiddo. House of Abandon – This tale of a person participating in a text adventure takes a dark turn. It was originally a standalone episode, but it became the first episode in Stories Untold’s eerie, atmospheric adventure Stories Untold.Chyrza: This is Chyrza’s horror story. He describes the unsettling strangeness that comes with alien desertscapes, and mentions of an evil pyramid. It’s not just Chyrza.

Free action and platformer games

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Best PC games for free: Action & Platformers

1Boss1Battle1Button is a challenging rhythm game where you must beat a frightening Picasso-faced monster. Your only chance of survival lies with one button. You can jump, crouch and dodge the oncoming attacks by pressing the button in the right time. Practice. The Last Tango – Rhythm espionage survival. Two spies are your characters, and they will dance through dangerous locations. They will pirouette past traps and dodge under attacks. And they’ll take out enemies with an elegant twist. A gun. Cuckoo Curling is a four-player game that combines curling and Connect Four. Cuckoo Curling is a simple game that you can pick up and have fun with your friends. You can play it in either local or online multiplayer. First Cut offers feudal Japan-themed duel against stunning pixel art backgrounds.

Best free Story & Adventure games

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The best free games for PC: Story & Adventure

The Doll Shop – The Doll Shop blends horror and romance. It takes you to a small village that is being submerged under snowfall. The story is dark and disturbing, with creepy dolls. The handcrafted visual novel is beautiful and memorable. The role of a peg-legged proprietor of a tavern is to prepare three special dishes for a trio obnoxious pirates. It’s a quiet, sweet story about a mother who tries to connect with her daughter. It’s a lighthearted and humorous game about restoring lost relationships. Eternal Home Floristry is the story of a hitman who is taken in by a florist while he heals. The game’s ability tackle difficult topics through gentle flower arrangement is amazing. It’s your job to find the right plant by interpreting symbols. Off-Peak – You will be stranded at an alien train station and encouraged to explore the area, speak with locals, and luxuriate within its bizarre atmosphere. You feel like you’re in another world, but it has an amazing sense of place. As you explore its many nooks and corners, you discover the true nature of its world. Haunted Cities – There are three volumes of Haunted Cities. These aren’t horror games, despite the name. They just have the same atmosphere as Silent Hill’s Haunted Cities. Emily is Away – Play this narrative game in a chat client. Through snippets from online conversations about love, life, and indie music, you’ll meet Emily, a fellow high school student. You might also enjoy the paid sequel Emily is Away Too. This is an intriguing adventure game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting and has a great central mechanic. Instead of combining objects with each other, you can affect the world by using a lute and plucking at its colour-coded string colors.

Free strategy games

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Strategy: Best Free PC

Dwarf Fortress is a complex game of colony management, which has been in development for 18 years. Its incredible depth allows for depth and challenge. You can also create emergent stories as you play, giving your Dwarves a new life. Tiny Islands – Here, you draw maps of tiny islands in the ocean by placing houses, beaches, and waves as random cards are dealt to you. Because every icon is different, placement is important. Brogue – ASCII Roguelikes are known for being difficult to approach. Brogue is a true fan of the genre but works hard to make it approachable. Its controls make navigation through its dungeons easy, and its symbols are easily readable and atmospheric thanks to the elegant shading. Terra Nil – Terra Nil is the final point in civilisation. You can breathe new life into an abandoned wasteland. This relaxing and therapeutic anti-builder allows you to create devices to clean the earth and to regenerate green plants and trees.

Free chill games

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The best free games for PC: Relax and chill

Toripon – You are stuck in your flat. Thankfully, you have company. Your companions are not friends but many birds. You shouldn’t put a gift parakeet in your mouth. Relax and enjoy your apartment. As you cross a bridge, BladeRunners fly past. Someone is rapping in the corner, and everyone else bustles around. It feels like a city, despite the four-fingered hands of the alien aviary. It’s a real chill city.Lieve Oma – Lieve Oma takes her on a relaxing stroll through the autumnal woods in search of mushrooms. Your granny will follow you slowly as you move around the forest, giving you valuable life lessons and telling you which mushrooms you can eat. You’ll be walking through a dark forest. However, something strange happens when you come in contact with a tree. There are many other forests full of ghostly trees within every tree.

The best funny and weirdest games

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Comedy and Oddity are the best free games for PC

Everything is Going to Be OK – These animated, vividly animated characters deal with existential terror and pain, and are alarmingly sanguine about this. This cathartic collection includes videos, minigames and quizzes. It’s overwhelming as life can be overwhelming. It’s refreshing to have a game that deals with this fact. Pet the Pup at the Party: You have run out of small talk at an overly boisterous house party, and now you need to find a pet for it. The Book Of Beasts and Buddies is an interactive monster guide filled with curious creatures. You’ll be immersed in a Pokemon-inspired encounter on each page. By interacting with them, you can collect your findings for the bestiary. Cooldog’s gentler approach to typing is a welcome change from the harsh methods of other educational games. This anthology includes Hurt Me Plenty, Succulent and other stories about politics, eroticism and more. Stick Shift is both funny and informative. It’s a downhill ski experience that becomes more transcendental the longer the skis are held and the more you uncover as the jape unfolds.