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Skyrim Script Extender now works with Skyrim: Special Edition, a huge win for Skyrim modding. It can be downloaded here (it will be labeled “CurrentSE build”). After installing it, turn off automatic updates for Skyrim Special Edition. This is because the creation club continues to receive patches that break the Script Extender. Until then, the Script Extender allows modders to alter the RPG of this version of Bethesda as much as Oldrim. SkyUI essentials are now available in this prettier (it does not have as many shadows), and stabler (you can alt-tab as often as you wish) version of Skyrim. There were also other changes, such as these. To be fair, there were other changes as well.


You can also check out our Skyrim console commands list for even more fun.

Mod management

It is easy to get lost in modding Skyrim Special Edition. A mod manager will help you keep track and organize all the different additions. These are the mod managers we recommend you use.


Download linkWe recommend Vortex for downloading, installing, managing and maintaining these mods, as well as other Skyrim Special Edition mods. Vortex is a very useful utility that works well with a variety of games such as Fallout 3 and 4, The Witcher Series, Darks Souls, XCOM 2, and many others.

Mod Organizer 2

Download linkMod Organizer 2 is an alternative to Vortex and is intended for modders who want to do a lot more experimenting with different mods. You can also use it to manage other Bethesda games if you wish.

Optimization, Patches and UI

We all know about the great reputation Bethesda games enjoy. Many fans have taken it upon them to fix bugs, optimize the systems, and change the user interface to their liking.

Official Skyrim Patch

Download linkThis mod contains hundreds of fixes for bugs and text. It was created by Arthmoor, a prolific modder. This patch was created to work with all mods. You can review the patch notes if you have a bit of time.


SkyUI Special Edition was released. This interface replacement makes Skyrim feel more like it was made for mouse controls. It allows you to filter and sort inventory by weight, value, damage, and so on. This mod also adds an ingame mod configuration menu that many other mods depend on.

A Quality World Map

LinkSkyrim’s map can be downloaded. It is functional, but it can be boring. There are many ways to improve the Quality World Map. You can have the map replaced with a detailed world texture with more colors, or you can also get a paper map with a more Oblivion style.

Achievements Mod Enabler

Download linkModding does not mean that you are cheating. Why does the SSE disable achievements when you have mods installed? This plugin by xSHADOWMANx allows you to earn achievements while running mods.

Open Cities

Download linkIt is more than immersion-breaking to enter a Skyrim city through a gate, and then encounter a loading screen. Arthmoor’s Open Cities aims to give the city a more Morrowind feel. They are not isolated entities, but part of the greater world. These cities feel more real than maps. You can walk in or ride on horseback, and you will feel like you are there.

True 3D Sound for Headphones

Download link It will tell you exactly where a sound is coming. Although I don’t understand the first sentence, I do know what it means. This mod by CptYouaredead makes the SSE sound more real for your ears. Immersive sounds is a massive overhaul to Skyrim’s sound effects.

Locations and Quests

Skyrim is a large place but modders continue to find ways to expand it. We have gathered some amazing location upgrades to enhance your Skyrim experience, as well as some massive quest mods that will take you on new adventures.

Vigilant SE

Download Vigilant SE (or Vigilant VoicedVigilant) is a quest mod that adds a Dark Souls twist to Tamriel. It consists of four parts. You’ll be fighting otherworldly monsters, big Souls-style bosses, and exploring special areas that are filled with keys and items after you get stuck in Oblivion. The ‘Anvil of Zenithar,’ which allows players to create their own products after completing objectives, beating bosses, and exploring new areas, is another feature.

Moonpath to Elsweyr

Download linkMoonpath To Elsweyr was a quest mod for Oldrim that was released back in the early days. With its two new regions, and custom quests, it’s now available on SSE. He talks to its creator in Jody’s Moonpath spotlight.

Helgen Reborn

(Image credit to Mike Hancho).

Download linkWho is going to rebuild Helgen after it was toasted by a Dragon at the start of the game. Of course you are. You’ll be restoring the town, choosing a faction and fighting in the new arena. It’s a massive, well-voiced quest mod. Chris wrote years ago about Helgen Reborn for Oldrim. We are excited to finally see it for SSE.

Cutting Room Floor

Download linkAnother mod by Arthmoor restores a lot of content found in SSE’s data files, but not implemented in the game. The game has been made richer by the inclusion of many locations, NPCs and dialogues.

The Forgotten City

Link to Skyrim has a lot of adventure. But here are about 10 hours of additional adventure courtesy Nick Pearce, writer and developer. Explore an ancient, massive city as a detective to solve a murder mystery. The game features excellent writing and award-winning voice acting, as well as a unique soundtrack that includes a time travel element. This is our review of the Forgotten City Skyrim mod.

JK’s Skyrim

(Image credit to Bethesda. Modified by Jkrojmal & Teabag86.

Download link This major construction overhaul mod completely redesigns Skyrim’s major cities as well as some settlements. Each city has been reimagined in order to better fit its theme, with new buildings and vendors. This mod doubles as an immersion mod, with local banners changing allegiances as Skyrim’s civil conflict develops.

Legacy of the Dragonborn

Download linkAdds a gallery that you can fill up with unique items, a museum of your achievements, a storage facility and a questline, as well as a place where you can learn archaeology. Legacy of the Dragonborn is available in Oldrim. However, the Special Edition update v5 maps the building to make it more museum-like.

The Asteria Dwemer Airship

Download linkThere are many player home mods, but the Asteria, a flying ship equipped with storage space and crafting tables, is my favorite. However, it is permanently docked and cannot be moved about. However, there is a teleporter that allows for more immersive fast-travel. Unfortunately, flying skyship mods have not yet made it to vanilla Skyrim.

Visual mods

Skyrim Special Edition has made Tamriel even prettier. To give the game a fresh look, modders have changed how characters look and added high-resolution textures.

Climates of Tamriel

(Image credit: JJC71)

Download linkClimates Of Tamriel is a major overhaul that adds new weather types, lighting and clouds. You can also make the nighttime darker for an immersive adventure experience. You can even turn Skyrim into snow by purchasing a winter version.

Realistic Water Two

(Image credit: Isoku)

Download linkRealistic Water Two builds on earlier water mods and adds more ripples, bigger splashes and faster water flow in streams. It also bobbles chunks of ice and murky water in dungeons. All your screenshot-taking needs.

Total Character Makeover

Download linkSkyrim’s NPCs looked old when it was first released. They certainly haven’t aged well. Although the SSE may improve the appearance of the world, it doesn’t affect its citizens. This mod by Scaria is a good option. This mod gives every player (including your avatar!) a facelift, with more detailed textures that won’t slow down your frame rate and don’t make characters look out-of-place.

Vanilla Hair Replacement

(Image credit to Bethesda and modded by Preeum)

Download linkWe all agree that Bethesda’s RPGs don’t always shine in the hair department. Too many hair mods make characters into models. Vanilla Hair Replacer makes Skyrim’s default hair choices more lore-friendly. This allows NPCs to look less scraggly, but still hail from Skyrim. To get your characters exactly like the ones shown in the screenshots, make sure you check out the “recommended mods”.

Glorious Doors of Skyrim

(Image credit to Bethesda and modded by Hype1)

Listen up. What are you most likely to be up against in Skyrim, aside from NPC faces? Yes, enemies, but also doors. Modder “Hype1”, has created a variety of door meshes that have stunning 4k textures. This will make it so that you won’t be stuck picking the lock on low-res doors again. A Special Edition version of Book Covers, another favorite mod object mod, is now available.

Static Mesh Improvements

Download linkWhile the SSE provides enhanced visuals, it does not improve the game’s low-poly meshes. The mod adds hundreds of 3D models to thousands of locations, including furniture, clutter, and landscape objects, to make them more realistic.

Companions and Creatures

Skyrim has become a more beautiful place because of the visual mods and new locations added to this list. But you will want to fill it with interesting people. These mods include some of our favourite companion characters as well as some cool creatures that they can fight.


(Image credit to Bethesda. Modified by Smartbluecat.

Download linkMaybe you think that a blue Khajiit following you around commenting about everything and being sarcastic towards Lydia is what Skyrim requires, but we are certain. Inigo is a follower who has tons of dialogue. Some are tied to his questline, and others that may crop up depending on where you’re located. You can tell him where and what to do by whistling. He will also follow you even though you have a companion, talking with them using skillfully repurposed voice-lines.


(Image credit: Emma)

Download linkA sequel of the much-loved Oblivion Mod (which Terry Pratchett also contributed to), Vilja In Skyrim adds the great granddaughter to the original Vilja to her ranks as a follower. She is an alchemist and has her own questline. Her unique system allows her to give orders. Vilja and Inigo can chat with each other if they are introduced.


Image by IINoshikuII )

Download linkDo we ever tire ourselves of cross-overs between our favorite RPGs? We will not. This follower mod adds a custom Yennefer to her account that re-uses her lines from The Witcher 3. Of course, she can also use magic. Unfortunately, she is not eligible for marriage. This modder also contributed mods to Geralt and Triss followers based on her Wild Hunt selves.

Amazing Follower Tweaks

Download linkThis mod is a huge hit for Oldrim and you should grab the Special Edition version. You can micromanage many details about your companions, including their gear, fighting methods, and the houses they choose to live in.

Convenient Horses

Image by DokQZ)

This mod makes it much easier to have a horse. Horseback conversations are possible. Mounted, you can even gather and loot herbs. You can let your followers ride and buy their own horses, rather than following you around aimlessly.

Diverse Dragons Collection

Download link Despite the Special Edition’s improved visuals, its dragons still look a little stale. The mod was created by many modders and adds 28 unique dragons. They are all different in model and texture and can perform over a dozen new abilities and breath attacks. You can challenge any level of dragon by choosing from different ranks.

Insects are a Problem

(Image credit: Chesko)

Download linkWhy are there always spiders in RPGs It doesn’t have it to. Insects Begone replaces all spiders and chaurus bugs with bears or skeevers. It can also take out decorative spider webs and other decor related to spiders. This mod can be used to squash the huge spiders that plague Skyrim.

Skills, Magic, Combat, and other skills

These mods allow you to be the dragonborn, but not enough. Some mods are more mundane, such as crafting skills or new spells.

Arcanum: The New Age of Magic

(Image credit: Kosorsomesaykosm)

Download linkArcanum, a major addition to Skyrim’s magical system, is now available. You can summon tornadoes and summon meteors, among other feats. You don’t get all the new skills as soon as you install it. Arcanum is great to start a new Skyrim SE playthrough because unlocking spells makes Skyrim SE more lore-friendly. It also allows for custom quests, crafting and adventuring.

Phenderix Magic World

Download linkThis powerful magic mod adds new locations such as The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the magical town of Manantis. It also introduces a new magical dimension. You will also find hundreds of new magic spells from all schools, as well as many new followers and a quest that will help you get started.

Combat Gameplay Overhaul

LinkCGO is a recent overhaul mod that gives Skyrim’s combat a more balanced experience without becoming a fast-paced action game. You can now dodge roll. This mod is actually quite good in the first person. You can also switch between one- and two-handed grips on your weapons, which allows you to alter the way that attacks land. You can also attack in midair and switch between one-handed grips for your weapons to change how attacks land.


LinkWildcat, a heavier combat overhaul and a very popular one, can be downloaded here. This makes combat more dangerous due to increased damage and stamina usage. But that’s not all. You can also get serious injuries from taking too much damage. This could result in you being knocked down, unable to equip your weapon or other potentially dangerous effects. It rewards you for correctly timing blocks and attacking of opportunity when enemies are doing other actions.

Sneak Tools SE

(Image credit: Haytur)

Download link You can kill NPCs with daggers and knock them out with fists. This gives you more than a damage bonus. To make it easier to sneak into the shadows, you can use torches and bows to get a variety of sneaky benefits.

Ars Metallica-Smithing Enhancement

Download link Unless you are a metal-plated tank that swings a huge two-handed sword around, smithing is not an option. Thieves, archers, and other stealthy characters don’t have any trouble finding light armor while on their adventures so it’s not necessary to make it. Arthmoor’s mod allows slippery characters to learn smithing. It lets them forge lockpicks and make arrows.

Survival, roleplaying, and immersion

Skyrim Special Edition can feel a lot more real with immersion mods and roleplaying.

Simply Knock SE

(Image credit: Chesko)

Download linkSometimes you


You want to break into someone’s house and have the guard follow you. This mod allows you to knock on the doors instead of locking your keys. You can earn entry if someone answers the door if they are home. If they do not answer,


get your lockpicks out.

Skyrim Fishing SE

(Image credit: RichWebster)

Click here This is a great tool for survival playthroughs. You don’t have to fish with your hands anymore. There are nets, fishing poles and bait available. Even junk can be caught for sale.

Alternate Start – Live Another Life

Cheat Sheets

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

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Ark: Survival Evolved cheats

Download linkIf Special Edition is your first Skyrim game, you will be starting from scratch. You can start your next game as someone else than the Dragonborn. Alternate Start, again by Arthmoor, is a roleplaying mod that allows you to choose how you want to start your next game. You can choose to be a patron at an inn, a visitor arriving on boat, a prisoner or a member of a guild. You can choose to start as a soldier or outlaw, hunter, or vampire. This is a great way for you to experience Skyrim from a new perspective.

Opening Scene Overhaul

Download linkThis mod by elderscrolliangamer changes and enhances Skyrim’s opening sequence. It restores dialogue that Bethesda cut but is still in the game files. You’ll be able to learn more about the world that you are preparing to live in by listening to additional conversations and viewing full sequences that were cut before release. The best part is that you can escape Helgen if you side with the Stormcloaks with Ulfric at your side.

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

Download linkThis mod, by cloudedtruth, adds thousands upon thousands of lines voiced dialogue for NPCs. It is designed to make you feel closer and more connected with your friends and followers. If you have one, your spouse will no longer sound like a follower. Instead, they will address you more personally and the people you’ve angered with a variety of insults.

Frostfall and Campfire

Skyrim Console Commands

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Skyrim is not for the weak-hearted. Skyrim console commands allow you to become a giant and fly through walls. You can even become Santa Claus! Skyrim item codes let you unlock all the items in the game.

Download link (Frostfall)

Click here to download Campfire Don’t forget your winter coat! The mods by Chesko make Skyrim’s frosty world more dangerous, but also more enjoyable and immersive. They have a system that allows you to manage your temperature in colder climates. Hypothermia can be a problem, especially when you swim in icy water. You’ll need to dress warmly and camp elements include tents, torch, and other gear. You can even learn how to craft.

Positive, untreated reactions

Download link It’s not immersive, but it is fun. This mod uses SKVA Synth, an AI-based voice synthesis tool to create some of its voice sounds.