Where to find the bolt cutters in GTA Online GTA cayo perico bolt cutters locations

How to Start the GTA Cayo Perico heist. There are many things you need to do in order to gather intelligence to help plan the mission and cut through any padlocks that you may come across. The bolt cutters can be difficult to find so keep reading if you’re looking for the GTA Online bolt cutters locations.

How to obtain the GTA Cayo Perico bolt cutters

Bolt cutters are able to

Random locations are where you can spawn

You may need to search at multiple locations on the island of Cayo Peruico to locate them. They are also available in several locations on the island of Cayo Perico.

It is often located near a red toolbox

If you are unable to find the exact location, a photograph of the area can count. The main story will include one, but I have listed all locations where they were found below. You might need to visit more than one of these locations to get the exact number. It’s worth looking around to see if they might be present at other locations.

  • North of north docks on the small landmass just above the docks. They are sitting on top a small box next to a red utility box.
  • The north docks are located west of the ocean.
  • The north docks are south of the buildings.
  • Just south of the Supply Truck point, at the Airport. It is located near some buildings on a table.
  • The airport is located south of, close to the solar panels.
  • The sniper tower is located in the east near the wheatfields. It’s sitting on top of a stack.
  • The wheat fields are located in the southwest region.

This map is by FeeneyMemey, a Reddit user.

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