Which class should you choose in Diablo 2: Resurrected? diablo 2 build guide

This is my Diablo 2 class guide. There are seven classes to choose, so it can be difficult to pick the right character to begin with. It can be difficult to choose which character to start with once you have taken down Fallen in Act One’s dark moors. You only have a left-click attack in Diablo 2. You can, and should, create shortcuts for your right click that allow you to quickly switch between abilities. Your available skills are displayed at the bottom of your screen by pressing ‘S’. To assign a shortcut, hover over a skill and hit F1 through F8. As a Sorceress, you might need a fireball on F1, ice bolts on F2 and a defense spell such as ice armour on F3. After pressing the shortcut, you will need to right-click to activate it. Although it takes some practice, you will soon be able to do this with ease. These are the seven classes, along with how to play them and some tips to help you create the perfect Diablo 2 build when the remaster is released later in the year.

Diablo 2 class guide: Meet all seven


The Druid can do it all. The Druid can boost friends with his auras and deal elemental damage. But, the best part is that he can transform into massive creatures to fight off enemies. Although you have great flexibility in the beginning, I cannot resist the chance to transform into a werewolf. Lycanthropy can be used to buff the duration of the transformation. Consider whether you would prefer to be a weabear at level 6. The wolf is agile and fast, while the bear is slower but more difficult and stuns. Although the Druid’s elemental magic looks great, it is difficult to recommend this tree to someone who can specialize in each element. You will be able to negate elemental damage with the Druid’s whirlwind defense skills, which you will find more of as you progress in the game.


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With her powerful nuke spells, and the ability to deal high elemental damage, the Sorceress is a class that can be very enjoyable at high levels. However, she faces challenges to reach level six. You’ll find yourself running away from enemies and taking pot shots at them until you have a companion. She is extremely vulnerable. If you want to play it safe in the beginning, prioritize the Ice tree with frostbol and her armour spell. You can also use the bolt to kill Fallen Shamans. You can start spamming Frost Nova once you reach level six. This is an excellent area-of effect control spell that can be spammed effectively if you have enough mana. The Warmth in the Fire Tree does exactly this in the beginning game. Ice is boring, but safe. Fire is flashy, reliable, and lightning can be used by glass cannons that don’t mind randomised damages. This is my personal favorite.


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This class is extremely fun and can specialize in summoning armies or stacking poison damage. The ability to summon a Skeleton is your first skill. This helps you keep early enemies away. Although the Necromancer is more powerful than the Sorceress in terms of taking hits, you do not want to let him get hurt. However, you will be able to summon a skeleton to help you snipe the Fallen Shaman and their minions. Keep an eye out for Akara’s stock. If you are lucky, you might be able to get lifesteal and enhancements for your existing skills from the Necromancer wands. It’s worth trading in weapons you don’t use for other classes to Akara for a wand.


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The Barbarian at the start of the game is a must-see. He’s the main character on the character selection screen. He is tough, hard hitting, and surprisingly quick. Leap is a great way to escape from a mob or charge into a horde. Barbarians are able to use a variety of weapons, which is one of many great reasons to be a Barbarian. While most other classes will insist that you only use a few specialized weapons to maximize your skills, the Barbarian is able to master any close-combat weapon. Double Throw is a great way to kill key characters. However, the Barbarian can simply wade or leap towards them and get rid of them immediately.


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Although she’s not the most enjoyable character to play, the Amazon gradually gains an array of elemental attacks and the ability to use javelins at close combat or range. You can’t use a bow or javelins in the Amazon trees, so you will be using a javelin for your first few dungeons. To spear Fallen Shaman, assign throw to your right click attack. There are finite javelins you can chuck. Don’t be alarmed if they run out. You can buy more from the vendor in the middle of town (he has a lower price than other vendors). They are approximately 50 cents per purchase. Also, they auto-replenish when full so don’t be caught fumbling around with your inventory in the middle of a fight.


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The Paladin is looking to race for Holy Fire, an elemental aura that causes pulsing damage in the area-of-effect. This is good for the first levels but it doesn’t scale to higher difficulty as well as some advanced abilities of the Paladin. You should increase the damage of the Paladin’s auras before you can access them. This will make it very effective against early mobs. The Paladin truly needs a good hitting stick, such as a decent sceptre. You can explore the starting areas searching for chests, killing mobs to obtain as many drops as possible. Then sell them and purchase a sceptre.


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The Lord of Destruction expansion added the Assassin, a technical class that is fast and has great dexterity. Although her traps are capable of dealing with large mobs if they’re enhanced by other skills, in the beginning game you’ll need to rely on claw weapon drops in order to benefit from Claw Mastery. Burst of speed, which is located in the same tree, can be a great choice. The Assassin’s damage per second output is greatly improved by the Assassin’s attack speed increase. Fire Blast in Trap tree was her first ranged skill. It’s limited area of effect and slow throw speed make it difficult to deal with Fallen Shaman or other key heroes in a mob. They will just have to be run up and stabbed instead.