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Bath Bob-omb.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie advertising campaign is firing on all cylinders right now, and the latest partnership is an unlikely union between the plumber and vegan cosmetics brand Lush.

Shared on Nintendo Wire (via GoNintendo), Lush is launching a whole new range of bathing and cosmetic products today, inspired by Mario and his friends. This is to tie in with the Mario Movie’s release on 5th April — not long now!

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The collectathon is far from over.

Publisher Top Hat Studios has announced that last year’s throwback platformer Frogun will be landing itself a sequel, as Frogun Encore is set to bring even more low-poly vibes our way this summer.

The last retro-inspired puzzle platformer was an all-around good time when it leapt onto the Switch in 2022 and the sequel looks as if it is doing much more of the same.

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