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New stages, bosses, power-ups and soundtrack.

D-Pad Studios might be best known for its story-based platformer Owlboy, but it is worth remembering that the developers were in fact behind another game prior to this, Savant – Ascent, and, neatly, that game is about to turn ten years old.

So what exactly does turning ten mean for this gorgeous shoot-em-up platformer? Well, a tenth-anniversary remastered edition is on its way and it’s bringing with it a boatload of new content.

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Tributes flood the socials.

Unless you’ve been living off the gaming grid for the past few days/weeks /months, you’ll no doubt already know that the 3DS and Wii U eShops are now closed for new business. You can still currently redownload any previous purchases from the online stores, but the window has closed on your last legal opportunity to get hold of many eShop exclusives on those consoles, and fans have been taking to social media to pay tribute to the shuttered stores.

Much of the colourful artwork features the little orange eShop bag from the 3DS eShop who would peep around the back of the game icon before those little coloured data cubes dropping and filling the icon with delicious orange… er, game data juice? Nothing so drab as a progress bar for Nintendo!

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“Farewell, Arcade Bunny”.

We’ve got some news you probably didn’t want to hear about the 3DS service Nintendo Badge Arcade.

With the 3DS shutdown currently taking place around the globe, it’s now been confirmed by Nintendo’s Japanese website that this title has been partially shut down.

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The French publisher will “move in a different direction”.

Ubisoft has announced it will no longer be attending E3 2023. In an update, the French video game company revealed it would instead be hosting its own separate event this June.

In a statement to our friends at VGC, Ubisoft explained how it had decided to move in a “different direction”, with its own ‘Ubisoft Forward Live event’ in Los Angeles on 12th June.

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Squids in.

Last weekend saw the Splatoon 3 North American championships held at PAX East, and you can now grab yourself a free in-game banner to commemorate the occasion.

As shared via the official @SplatoonNA Twitter account, the Boston-themed banner is now available to all those with the Nintendo Switch Online app handy by scanning the QR code shared in the announcement tweet.

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Producer Ryo Ishida reveals.

Last year’s Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series — a remastered compilation of two classic PlayStation and PS2 platformers — was actually developed for Switch first, producer Ryo Ishida has revealed.

In an interview in the newest issue of Lost In Cult (via Nintendo Everything), Ishida shares some brief insight into the development of the game, and that they were actually finished with the Switch version of it before it was even announced at the February 2022 Nintendo Direct.

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“Pure racing skill will decide the outcome of the race”.

Kart racers can be fun, but sometimes they’re just plain unfair when you’re outplayed by some higher-tier opponent or item you can’t even defend yourself against. Disney Speedstorm aims to give racers a more even playing field with a new mode called “regulated multiplayer”.

In an update via the official game blog, developer Gameloft explained how exactly this new mode will work. While it’s similar to regular Ranked Multiplayer, there are some “very important differences”. All racers in this mode are exact to the same Upgrade Level, Star Level and crews are not active.

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Bath Bob-omb.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie advertising campaign is firing on all cylinders right now, and the latest partnership is an unlikely union between the plumber and vegan cosmetics brand Lush.

Shared on Nintendo Wire (via GoNintendo), Lush is launching a whole new range of bathing and cosmetic products today, inspired by Mario and his friends. This is to tie in with the Mario Movie’s release on 5th April — not long now!

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