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The Super Mario Bros. Movie is out in less than a week, and with promos and adverts in full swing, there are still a few things we don’t actually know about the movie. of course,

One of those is that the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, is reportedly getting a few cameo roles in the upcoming film. But none of those have been revealed yet. However, Spanish film and entertainment website eCartelera has reportedly got the scoop on who Martinet will be playing in the movie (thanks, Nintenderos).

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“You’ve played enough hide-and-seek, my scurrying little friend”.

Last year, it was announced that the original Bayonetta would be getting a physical release having been exclusive to the eShop on Switch since the port arrived back in 2018. Physical Switch game collectors rejoiced and all was well.

However, following delays, and having released without incident in other territories, the My Nintendo Store exclusive appeared on the UK and European stores briefly in October but quickly sold out. Nintendo promised a restock, and copies are now available to purchase once more. Rejoicing may now recommence.

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Is this fur real?

Mario Kart Tour has revealed that Yoshi’s Island — the brand new course that was added to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in Wave 4 of the Booster Course Pass — is coming to mobile racing game. But something else has caught people’s eye.

In the image of the new track, right behind the pipe, you can barely make out a racer in a kart. Zoom in, however, and you get a slightly better, if blurry, look at who that might be. And lo and behold, it’s Poochy driving a kart.

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“This is morally and physically exhausting for the employees”.

A recent investigation by NME has found reports of crunch culture and poor working conditions in game development at Ubisoft Paris following a similar allegation by the French trade union Solidaires Informatique last week alleging high rates of sick leave and developer ‘burn out’.

The report includes direct quotes from several developers on Just Dance 2023 and claims that Ubisoft Paris workers encountered a “mess” during the game’s production, with multiple unrealistic demands being set by studio bosses.

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“Farewell, Arcade Bunny”.

We’ve got some news you probably didn’t want to hear about the 3DS service Nintendo Badge Arcade.

With the 3DS shutdown currently taking place around the globe, it’s now been confirmed by Nintendo’s Japanese website that this title has been partially shut down.

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Switch takes only three spots in the top ten.

The latest UK boxed charts data is here and this one paints a slightly quieter week for Nintendo amidst some tough competition.

Continuing its triumphant return from last week, Super Mario Odyssey has managed to improve on its previous numbers and this time manages to land in seventh place thanks to some remaining MAR10 Day sales and the recent Switch bundle.

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But please, no discord in the Discord.

Did you know Nintendo Life has its own Discord server? Well, we do. And we’ve spruced the place up quite a bit to get it all ship shape for all of you lovely readers.

Admittedly, we’ve had the server for a little while now, letting it sit around and gather dust. But we’ve been working hard to bring it all up to date as a community hub for all things Nintendo Life (and Nintendo. And video games. And whatever else you fancy).

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But it also could be an error.

Players have been reporting that Free Plays on the freemium 3DS app Nintendo Badge Arcade are over.

Over on the 3DS subreddit, users were booting up the game in order to cash in on their free plays only to find that there were none. Multiple users started reporting this yesterday, with European players also running into the issue today.

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Hey, it has an inflatable Patrick inside!

In October last year, we reported that SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake was getting a special ‘BFF Edition’ packed with a host of goodies (as well as the game itself, of course). The catch? It costs a staggering $249.99.

THQ Nordic was nice enough to send us one to open up, so we can at least show you what you’re getting for all that cash. The headline news for many will be the inclusion of an inflatable 50cm Patrick Star, but there’s a lot more inside this box than just that.

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