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“Pure racing skill will decide the outcome of the race”.

Kart racers can be fun, but sometimes they’re just plain unfair when you’re outplayed by some higher-tier opponent or item you can’t even defend yourself against. Disney Speedstorm aims to give racers a more even playing field with a new mode called “regulated multiplayer”.

In an update via the official game blog, developer Gameloft explained how exactly this new mode will work. While it’s similar to regular Ranked Multiplayer, there are some “very important differences”. All racers in this mode are exact to the same Upgrade Level, Star Level and crews are not active.

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What’s the ultimate Super Smash Bros., bro?

The 9th March 2023 marked the 15th anniversary of Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s US launch. We took some time back in January to discuss the game (specifically the Subspace Emissary single-player mode) in honour of the same milestone for the Japanese version, but we thought it high time to revisit this ranked list of the Best Smash Bros. games and rejig it to reflect the thoughts of Nintendo Life readers.

And so we have! The following ranked list is now governed by each game’s User Rating on the site, which means it’s subject to real-time change, too. So if you haven’t rated the games below, feel free to do so and potentially influence the order, even after publication…

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