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In addition to breaking all the latest Nintendo Switch news, we’re also here to help inform your next video game purchase in our insightful reviews, and bring you closer to the wider Nintendo community, including the exciting culture that surrounds it.

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Hitting ver. 4.15.

Whatever your thoughts on No Man’s Sky’s journey so far, you have to respect the amount of effort that Hello Games puts into ever improving the game with constant updates. One such patch has now been announced and this one is all about getting rid of some pesky bugs that cropped up in the recent ‘Fractal’ update.

The ver. 4.15 update is now live on Steam and will be heading to all other consoles soon, according to Hello Games. While some of the issues tackled this time around are unique to consoles other than the Switch (because they exist, apparently), there are plenty of fixes that will be coming Nintendo’s way.

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Catch a Decidueye.

Earlier in March, The Pokémon Company announced its next 7-Star Tera Raid for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. It’s now officially arrived, with trainers around the world now able to catch a Decidueye with the Mightiest Mark.

This Pokémon will be available from 17th March until 19th March in black crystal Tera Raids and once again on 24th March until 26th March. This Decidueye is not normally encountered in the Paldea region, has Flying as its Tera Type as well as Mightiest Mark.

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