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Tributes flood the socials.

Unless you’ve been living off the gaming grid for the past few days/weeks /months, you’ll no doubt already know that the 3DS and Wii U eShops are now closed for new business. You can still currently redownload any previous purchases from the online stores, but the window has closed on your last legal opportunity to get hold of many eShop exclusives on those consoles, and fans have been taking to social media to pay tribute to the shuttered stores.

Much of the colourful artwork features the little orange eShop bag from the 3DS eShop who would peep around the back of the game icon before those little coloured data cubes dropping and filling the icon with delicious orange… er, game data juice? Nothing so drab as a progress bar for Nintendo!

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The French publisher will “move in a different direction”.

Ubisoft has announced it will no longer be attending E3 2023. In an update, the French video game company revealed it would instead be hosting its own separate event this June.

In a statement to our friends at VGC, Ubisoft explained how it had decided to move in a “different direction”, with its own ‘Ubisoft Forward Live event’ in Los Angeles on 12th June.

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But please, no discord in the Discord.

Did you know Nintendo Life has its own Discord server? Well, we do. And we’ve spruced the place up quite a bit to get it all ship shape for all of you lovely readers.

Admittedly, we’ve had the server for a little while now, letting it sit around and gather dust. But we’ve been working hard to bring it all up to date as a community hub for all things Nintendo Life (and Nintendo. And video games. And whatever else you fancy).

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