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Update 2: More Captain U codes live.

Update #2: The second batch of codes is now live!

Update: Well, it seems like we opened the floodgates! Ultra Dolphin Revolution has confirmed that it’s run out of codes for now, but fear not, the developer is going to try and get some more to give away to you lovely Wii U fans. (Thanks to Sunsy for the heads up!)

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“We can’t wait for you to experience it!”.

You might recall how the Sonic Mania developer Headcannon had some involvement in Sonic Origins. Now, following the announcement of Sonic Origins Plus, the “indie game and utilities” developer has confirmed it’s “once again” cooperated with Sega to this time update the project.

In a lengthy series of tweets, it explained how it helped put Amy in the spotlight, helped out with Knuckles in Sonic CD and was able to supply “a few additional updates and enhancements” to help make this collection the “best it can be”. Here’s this announcement in full:

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The French publisher will “move in a different direction”.

Ubisoft has announced it will no longer be attending E3 2023. In an update, the French video game company revealed it would instead be hosting its own separate event this June.

In a statement to our friends at VGC, Ubisoft explained how it had decided to move in a “different direction”, with its own ‘Ubisoft Forward Live event’ in Los Angeles on 12th June.

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“Pure racing skill will decide the outcome of the race”.

Kart racers can be fun, but sometimes they’re just plain unfair when you’re outplayed by some higher-tier opponent or item you can’t even defend yourself against. Disney Speedstorm aims to give racers a more even playing field with a new mode called “regulated multiplayer”.

In an update via the official game blog, developer Gameloft explained how exactly this new mode will work. While it’s similar to regular Ranked Multiplayer, there are some “very important differences”. All racers in this mode are exact to the same Upgrade Level, Star Level and crews are not active.

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Super stable.

Nintendo has rolled out its second firmware update of 2023, bumping the hybrid system up to Version 16.0.1.

This latest update seemingly does far less compared to the previous 16.0.0 update issued in February. 16.0.1 is the usual stability update to enhance the overall user experience. Here are the patch notes in full, courtesy of Nintendo’s official support page:

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Hitting ver. 4.15.

Whatever your thoughts on No Man’s Sky’s journey so far, you have to respect the amount of effort that Hello Games puts into ever improving the game with constant updates. One such patch has now been announced and this one is all about getting rid of some pesky bugs that cropped up in the recent ‘Fractal’ update.

The ver. 4.15 update is now live on Steam and will be heading to all other consoles soon, according to Hello Games. While some of the issues tackled this time around are unique to consoles other than the Switch (because they exist, apparently), there are plenty of fixes that will be coming Nintendo’s way.

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