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“We can’t wait for you to experience it!”.

You might recall how the Sonic Mania developer Headcannon had some involvement in Sonic Origins. Now, following the announcement of Sonic Origins Plus, the “indie game and utilities” developer has confirmed it’s “once again” cooperated with Sega to this time update the project.

In a lengthy series of tweets, it explained how it helped put Amy in the spotlight, helped out with Knuckles in Sonic CD and was able to supply “a few additional updates and enhancements” to help make this collection the “best it can be”. Here’s this announcement in full:

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F-Zero? Eternal Darkness? Rogue Leader?

You might have seen by now, but the reviews for Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake have been published, signaling yet another modern survival horror classic that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the original.

Our own pals over at Push Square and Pure Xbox gave the remake a score of 10/10 each, with the former stating that it is “just as much of a masterpiece today as it was in 2005”, and the latter claiming that “you can feel the care and attention to detail in every aspect of how Capcom has handled this remake”. Sounds pretty good, then!

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No themes AGAIN?!

It’s now been over six years since the Switch launched globally back in 2017. Naturally, our thoughts are beginning to drift over to what could potentially come next from Nintendo. Will the company’s next major hardware be a simple evolution of the Switch itself, or will it be something completely new?

We could hypothesise for days on what the next console could potentially look like, but to debate what might go wrong with it, our pals Felix, Zion, and Craig (Pure Xbox) have put together a video to discuss every little annoying niggle that could potentially burn their toast.

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