Development of Computer Games: Best Games Made by College Students

Development of Computer Games: Best Games Made by College Students

Computer games welcome the players into a world of fantasy and fiction where they interact with fictional characters. But it takes incredible patience, talent, time, and attention to detail to develop them. It is fascinating to realize that despite the busy college life, many students have gone on to develop successful computer games. 



One of the best computer games on this list is called Spacewar. Wayne Wiitaneon, Stephen Russel, and Martin Graetz developed it in 1961 while they were students at MIT. This earliest concept of computer game lacked the gravity mechanic feature. So, a graduate student added it and created an obstacle feature for the users, making it a popular video game. 

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In the year 2006, some DigiPen University students developed and uploaded the video game called Narbacular Drop to their website. It is eerily like the video game Portal, but it is not a coincidence. It was the same students who developed Portal as well in the same year. They were simultaneously working on both computer projects. 

While the gameplay of both, Narbacular Drop and Portal, remains the same, the perspective and setting are quite different. The Narbacular drop involves a setting where the player needs to control the movements of a princess and solve puzzles. The Portal’s camera portrays a first-person view through a futuristic firearm. 


Ultima is a tabletop game that was developed by the students at The University of Texas, Richard Garriot and Ken Arnold, in the 1980s. It took them less than a year to develop this hugely popular role-playing video game. Richard Garriot initiated the development, and Ken Arnold completed it. Today, you can find many parallels in this video game. 

The player controls the hero on a mission to kill a wizard, a standard game once played by early computer enthusiasts. Players must find monsters for fighting with and dungeons to crawl through. In addition, they can also purchase a space shuttle if they have gold to buy it. It is a game where science fiction meets the fantasy world. 


Octodad was designed by DePaul University students and was first released in 2011 as freeware. It is a physics-based, centered around an octopus dad in a business suite. He has a human wife and two human children. The game is about his struggles to keep his taxonomy a secret from them through a finicky control system. 

The student developers later formed Young Horse Inc., a video game studio, and released a sequel known as Octodad: Dadliest Catch. The control system was deliberately made finicky by the students. Such a control system makes mundane chores such as grocery shopping or yard cleaning a grueling adventure for the players. 


Arid is a survival game made by Berkeley University students. It is all about an airplane pilot who lands in a South American fantasy wasteland known as the Atacama Desert. The gameplay is centered around the desert, which is a moisture-deprived site on earth. The player must avoid dehydration and sunstroke by day and scavengers by night. 

The constant tussle for resources makes the game challenging and demanding. Finally, they must discover the hidden belongings, shelters, and stories left by those who dared to dwell in the most desolate location on earth. It is hard to imagine that this impressive and fantastic game was made by university students. 


Developed by Andrew Greenberg and Robert Woodhead, the students at Cornell University, Wizardry is a game rich in party customization and character. Unlike other video games, it focuses less on player freedom and exploration. In each party, the player will be given six characters with their attributes and class. 

Players must beat the game by balancing the party skills to retrieve the amulet from the dungeon. Wizardry was a very successful game in Japan. The series pioneered JRPG. The modern mechanics, the likes of which include party customization and combat, started with this computer game. 


Students can be creative thinkers and doers when they encompass their talent. Though college can be stressful and busy, students can take the initiative and embrace their ingenuity, creating new models of entertainment. It has worked well for many students. You can do it too. 

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