How Can Technology Attract and Retain Customers in the Store?

Every business wants to flourish. Hold that thought! Businessmen get into business to reap benefits and earn big bucks. Opening a store is just the first step – how will you attract customers? Perhaps you have thought of offering some discounts, but that’s not enough to engage customers. A customer would be happier playing 7 euro no deposit instead of being at your dull store. 

You need a customer-engagement strategy to keep your customers interested and happy. The good news is that you can use technology to attract and retain these customers. How? Well, keep reading to find out how you can do that. 

3D Printing 

When customers can personalise the products, they buy more because it adds a unique touch. Stores can invest in 3D printing to personalise each of the products that a customer selects. Did you know that any object can be 3D printed? That’s true! 

This technology gives power to the customers and allows them to customise any product. Businesses have started embracing this technology, and it has existed for quite a few years. Perhaps it will become a common practice in the coming years. 


Beacons are a new concept. They are Bluetooth-enabled devices that allow you to treat customers as individuals. Every customer wants to feel exclusive, and that’s why you need to use beacons. Let’s take the example of a big store. A customer goes to the lingerie section, and the retailer finds out that this customer is interested in buying something from there. If the customer has the application of that store, they will get a message regarding an ongoing sale in that section. 

Retailers get to know about customers’ buying habits, and they also make out the whereabouts of the customer in the store. Beacons will also tell the store officials whether the customer is a regular/loyal shopper or a first-time buyer. Isn’t it amazing? This technology will help in attracting more customers and retaining the existing ones. 

Social Media Presence 

If a store is accessible on social media, customers will get to know about their latest offers/deals. Social media presence is vital for every business. It provides the customers useful data about the ongoing offers and a lot more. Sometimes a customer is unsure whether a particular store will have the products or not. They can simply reach out to the social media page and ask their queries. Social media is powerful, and it makes customers experience joyous.

Perhaps quick billing can make the overall experience a lot more pleasant. Storeowners might embrace certain technologies that help with quick billing. In today’s time, you can make good use of social media, surveillance cameras, mobile applications, beacons, and 3D printing to retain and attract more clients. 

As a store owner, you must embrace all kinds of technologies to get more business. After all, every businessman’s motive is to get more sales and grow their business. So, go ahead and invest in the latest technology to make your store customer friendly.