Should Smartphones be Banned in Schools?

Should Smartphones be Banned in Schools?We live in an era wherein heading to Las Vegas for casino gaming is not a dream. You can play 50 free spins right at the comfort of your home. People enjoy thousands of games on their phones, and finding information is super quick! These days 12–13-year-old kids possess the most expensive phones. Times have changed, and the mindset of parents has also changed. There was a time when smartphones were not allowed in schools.

We have seen countless series and films wherein students are seen chit-chatting on their phones. Earlier, people would pass chits and write messages on them, but now they exchange instant messages in the middle of a class. Many people have a question on their mind – Should smartphones be banned in schools? Some countries have banned it, but let’s try to find out whether it’s necessary or not. 

Are You Paying Attention, Kid? 

The French Government banned the usage of mobile phones in school. You may think they are too strict, but the same rule applies to Indian schools as well. We see a whole new world in different series like, ‘Never Have I Ever.’ Kids text each other in between classes and don’t pay attention to what the teacher is saying. 

School is a mecca for learning new things. You have different subjects, and teachers spend a lot of time preparing lectures. Most students who carry phones to school do not pay attention in class. This can be demotivating for a teacher. In addition, the student won’t learn anything in class. 

Don’t Let the Kid Get Bullied 

Bullies are everywhere – you will find them in school, college, and even your neighbourhood. They will tease you for using a not-so-expensive phone and might steal it from your bag. There is a bigger concern in today’s world, and that’s cyberbullying. 

Many kids get cyber-bullied, thus it’s not the best idea to give them a phone while they are in school. On second thought, bullies can also film their teachers and other students. They can put questionable videos on YouTube and even porn sites. This is a serious problem and needs to be rectified. 

Mobile Phones = Mental Health Concerns

Mobile phone addiction can be lethal for the child. When a student is in school, they should take a break from technology and focus on socializing with real people, studying, concentrating, and learning something new. 

We are not sure whether using mobile phones in class leads to productivity. Mobile phone addiction can lead to a sleep deficit, anxiety, mood swings, and stress. Let’s say you are attending History class, and your boyfriend breaks up with you over a text. Your attention goes towards the phone screen, and you wait for your class to finish. You cannot concentrate or think straight. A mobile phone can give you a lot of stress. Thus, you should avoid using it in a classroom/school setting. 

Should a Mobile Phone be Banned in School? 

Absolutely! There is no point in keeping a mobile phone in class because students will never learn to work hard. They will start cheating in exams, not pay attention in class, and lead a very stressful life. It should be in schools all over the world. If this happens, students will become brighter, disciplined, and much more obedient.