Will Planting a Few Billion Trees Help us?

Look around, and you will find that the planet needs a knight in shining armour. Perhaps the planet NEEDS a few billion trees to combat the effects of global warming. It’s easy to blame other people for global warming, but all of us are responsible for it. When we forget about switching off the lights and fans or purchasing two to three cars per family, we are contributing to environmental degradation. We’re all spending hours in front of the computer playing hot spot online or doing high-stakes work. 

While using technological devices to use plastic bags – we’re all guilty in some or another way. The good news is that you can plant a few billion trees to help save the planet. How? Keep reading to find out! 

What do Plants and Trees do for the Planet?

As per author Munia Khan, trees exhale for human beings so that we can inhale the fresh air to stay alive. Who doesn’t love the idea of sitting under a tree and contemplating their entire life or career? Lord Buddha spent several years under the Bodhi tree and attained enlightenment. 

Planting trees will help in soaking up all the harmful carbon emissions. Moreover, everyone is putting in the effort to plant trees. When a politician comes into power, conserving the environment is one of the agendas. Corporations and environmentalists are putting extra effort to meet the climate objectives/goals. Trees filter the unwanted pollution from the air. Living amidst pollution can cause a range of diseases and lethal illnesses. If we start planting a billion trees, there is a possibility that we will move towards a safer and healthy planet. 

The trees are not just exhaling for us, but they are also providing shelter and food to animals. When the bushfire incident took place in Australia, many koala bears lost their lives and were forced to move to the roads. They were thirsty, hungry, and helpless. Planting trees is not just helping us but also the animals and bird species. 

Environmental Benefits of Planting Trees 

The buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a major problem. Trees help in reducing it. They store it and release oxygen in return. If there is an acre of trees, they will absorb tons of carbon dioxide. Planting more trees means purifying the air. When you head to the seaside or walk in a forest, you feel that the air is cleaner. In cities, you can’t inhale clean air (thanks to air, noise, and water pollution). Planting more trees means inhaling fresh air. 

You get natural air conditioning by planting more trees. There is a concept called ‘green roofs.’ Green roofs are all about incorporating vegetation into your home space. This provides environmental perks! If there are no trees, stormwater will reach the seas and rivers and pollute them. Thus, you need to plant more trees to prevent stormwater from flowing into the rivers and seas. 

Summing up 

Overall, society needs to stop working towards needless causes and plant more trees. We can talk about politics later and focus on staying alive. If there are no trees at some point in time, it will be difficult to survive. Hence, plant a few billion trees to survive and thrive.