Charles Martinet’s Potential Role in Upcoming Mario Movie Reportedly Revealed


The Super Mario Bros. Movie is out in less than a week, and with promos and adverts in full swing, there are still a few things we don’t actually know about the movie. of course,

One of those is that the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, is reportedly getting a few cameo roles in the upcoming film. But none of those have been revealed yet. However, Spanish film and entertainment website eCartelera has reportedly got the scoop on who Martinet will be playing in the movie (thanks, Nintenderos).

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The world of video game movies is about to get a lot more interesting with the news that Charles Martinet, the voice actor behind the beloved Mario character, may have a role in an upcoming Mario movie. Martinet is best known for his iconic portrayal of the Italian plumber, having voiced the character since 1995.

The news of Martinet’s potential involvement was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, who cited anonymous sources close to the production. It is unclear what role Martinet will play in the movie, but it is likely that he will be lending his voice to the character of Mario. This would make sense given his long history with the character and his familiarity with the source material.

It is also possible that Martinet could have a more significant role in the movie. He could be cast as a live-action version of Mario, or even as a mentor figure who guides Mario on his journey. Whatever the case may be, Martinet’s involvement in the movie is sure to be a welcome addition to the cast.

The Mario movie is being produced by Illumination Entertainment, the studio behind the popular Despicable Me franchise. It is expected to be a hybrid of live-action and animation, similar to the recent Sonic the Hedgehog movie. The movie is still in its early stages of development, so no plot details or casting announcements have been made yet.

Charles Martinet’s potential involvement in the Mario movie is sure to excite fans of the franchise. His iconic voice has been a part of Mario’s world for over 25 years, and it would be great to see him take on a more active role in the movie. We can only hope that this news is true and that Martinet will be able to bring his unique talents to the big screen.