Artesian Builds may have crashed and burned but its former staff are trying to create a better PC outfit

Its mid-range PC, the Syren, appears much better value from first impression alone. With an RTX 3060 Ti, Core i5 12400F, and 1TB SSD for $1,500, it's perhaps a little on the pricey side for that graphics card, but could be forgiven for its generous 32GB of RAM. The company's high-end PC, the Griffyn, is also a reasonable purchase at $2,500 compared to some other system builders for its combination of RTX 3080, Core i7 12700K, and 32GB of RAM.

It will be key for Phynix to stick the build quality and customer service for the duration of the offered 2-year warranty, however, and that's something that will come out for better or worse as the company ramps up orders and these are put to the test over time.

Yet if Phynix PC is able to hit competitive price points with well-built products, I'd like to think it'll find some success. Not only because they appear a good bunch of people, but that they seem to hold the right attitude, one which has been forged from a shared experience of a very bad time.