Congratulations! Destiny 2 players have cheesed a community event meant to last weeks in 1 day

we detailed earlier, Bungie's arbitrary target for the event has already been smashed into atoms. 

The event involved playing all the usual Destiny 2 stuff—strikes, PvP, raids, lost sectors etc.—in order to collect coins and other materials. These were then donated into a big charity box in The Tower, with the proceeds being spent on improving the slum area that the Eliksni (or 'Fallen') refugees are holed up in. It's essentially just end of season busywork to pad playtime, with a fun cosmetic/narrative payoff and free gear for our troubles.

However, the fact the donation box also accepts a couple of other materials proved crucial, because due to a loophole in Destiny 2's never-less-than Byzantine in-game economy, players were able to to dupe infinite amounts of Treasure Coordinates. As you can see from the graph below, once the exploit became well-publicised (oops!) the donation rate absolutely exploded. 

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Sure enough, shortly after today's reset the whole challenge was donezo. All the upgrades have now been made to the Eliksni Quarters, which you can visit in-game via the HELM. Sure enough there's a little garden and some other noticeable improvements, though it still seems a bit hovely for my taste. I am grateful to my fellow cheesemongers though, as I didn't really fancy grinding for coins. I can now focus on the real work of trying to solo flawless the Grasp of Avarice dungeon before the Restoration x2 gets nerfed at the end of the season. 

If you need to collect any of the rewards from the event, which include a new ghost shell and an ascendant shard, coins and materials can still be dumped into the donation chest in the tower regardless of the event effectively being over. And as far as I can tell the exploit still works for now, so you know what to do.

Here’s the Swashbuckler Shell ghost you can ‘earn’. (Image credit: Bungie)