Cyber Monday gaming headset deals 2022: giving the gift of great audio this deals season

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These Cyber Monday gaming headset deals are delivering some of the best gaming headsets with the sort of discounts that mean there's no excuse for not making all your games sound awesome. It's an often-overlooked part of the gaming experience, but devs put a huge amount of effort into the soundscapes of our favorite gameworlds and it would be almost criminal not to hear them at their best.

There's a certain online advantage to good sound, too. Nail that positional audio in your headset and you'll pinpoint exactly where those footsteps are coming from and sneak up on your foe unawares. 

This is a great time to make the switch to a wireless gaming headset, too. The two best wireless sets are on sale right now, and where there is still a premium attached to letting go of the cable, the current Black Friday gaming headset deals are making that ever smaller and are likely to carry on through Cyber Monday as well.

Of any wireless peripheral I would say a wireless gaming headset is the most useful, allowing you freedom of movement, enabling you to get up from your desk and go to the fridge without losing audio, and ridding you of that horrible scratching noise you get when it rubs against your jumper. I hate that. 

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Aside from their price, the downside of wireless is that you need to keep them charged up, so it's important that you make sure to bag a set with a healthy battery life. We'd suggest 25 hrs+ really to enable that whole day of gaming vibe.

But there are also some fantastic wired headsets on offer, too. They come in cheaper but with often better audio than some of their wireless brethren. Sometimes you have to decide which matters more, the freedom of a cable-free set, or just rocking sound quality. Though sometimes, you do get to have both.

When is Cyber Monday 2022?

big discounts on popular gaming headsets

  • HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless – Wireless | 15 – 21,000Hz | $199.99 $159.98 at Amazon
  • SteelSeries Arctis Pro – Wired | 10 – 40,000Hz | $179.99 $109.99 at Amazon
  • Razer BlackShark V2 Pro – Wireless | 12 – 28,000Hz | $179.99 $99.99 at Amazon
  • HyperX Cloud Alpha – Wired | 15 – 27,000Hz | $99.99 $54.99 at Amazon
  • Walmart – console, and PC gaming headsets up to 30% off
  • B&H Photo – deals on pro-sumer and gaming headsets
  • Best Buy – save up to $50 on gaming headsets
  • Target – gaming headsets as low as $13
  • Staples – tons of budget gaming headsets 
  • Lenovo – Turtle Beach headsets starting at $70
  • Razer – home of some of PCG’s favorite headsets
  • Newegg – gaming headsets starting at $25
  • In the UK:

    • Amazon – tons of budget gaming headsets options
    • HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless – Wireless | 15 – 21,000Hz | £189.99  £109.99 at Amazon
    • SteelSeries Arctis Pro – Wired | 10 – 40,000Hz | £179.99 £109.99 at Amazon
    • Razer BlackShark V2 – Wired | 12 – 28,000Hz | £99.99 £59.99 at Amazon
    • HyperX Cloud Alpha – Wired | 13 – 27,000Hz | £79.99 £53.98 at Amazon
    • Razer Kraken X – Wired | 12 – 28,000Hz | £49.99 £25.99 at Amazon
    • Newegg – variety of gaming headset brands 
    • Overclockers – deals on wireless gaming headsets
    • Scan – deals on Razer and Beyerdynamic headsets
    • Ebuyer – gaming headsets as low as £17
    • Argos – budget gaming headsets aplenty
    • Razer – makers of PCG’s most favored gaming headsets

    Cyber Monday gaming headset deals in the US

    HyperX Cloud Alpha | 50mm drivers | 13Hz27,000Hz | Closed-back | Wired | $99.99 $54.99 at Amazon (save $45)
    A headset that we’ve loved for many years and still sits second on our best gaming headsets list, and at a very reasonable price considering the fantastic sound you’ll get out of these babies. It may not be wireless, but you get a detachable mic and no software to worry about ruining your experience, unlike with, say, a Razer headset.View Deal

    Drop x Sennheiser HD 6XX | Wired | 10–41,000Hz | Open-back | $279 $199 at Drop (save $80)
    Our Jacob is a huge fan of the Sennheiser HD 650. It’s basically Sennheiser’s classic audiophile headset and it sounds absolutely stunning. The HD6XX is Drop’s version of that same headset, in partnership with Sennheiser, of course. So you’re getting a slightly modified version of the HD 650 for quite a bit less cash, especially with this deal. Just note it doesn’t come with a microphone, so you’ll need one of those separately. Similarly, you might need a more powerful amp to get the most out of this headset, but that’s not necessarily a requirement.View Deal

    Razer Kraken | 50mm drivers | 12–28,000Hz | Closed-back | Wired (3.5mm) | $79.99 $39.99 at Amazon (save $40)
    You don’t have to worry about funny software here, as the Razer Kraken is as simple a gaming headset as there is. A straightforward 3.5mm jack will get you connected. The Kraken may be simple, but it does the basics well. Its oversized ear cups allow easy listening over long periods, and the retractable mic keeps it out of the way when you’re not gaming. Plus, you can’t misplace it if it’s always stuck on your headset.View Deal

    Razer Kraken Ultimate | 50mm drivers | 20–28,000Hz | Closed-back | Wired (3.5mm) | $129.99 $64.99 at Best Buy (save $65)
    If you love the look and design of the Kraken but wish it had a little oompf. The Kraken Ultimate might be more up your alley. It offers THX spatial audio and better bass than its cheaper, greener base Kraken. View Deal

    SteelSeries Arctis Pro | 40mm drivers | 10–40,000Hz | Closed-back | Wired | $179.99 $109.99 at Amazon (save $90)
    This is the wired version of the SteelSeries Arctis Pro we scored a 90 in our review, with the only difference being that this one doesn’t come with the DAC but instead includes a USB ChatMix dial. While the wireless version is more advanced, both are comfy and great sounding, with some nice subtle RGB ring lighting on the earcups.View Deal

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    Cyber Monday wireless gaming headset deals in the US

    Epos H3PRO Hybrid | Wireless | Closed-back | 20–20,000Hz | $279 $199 at Amazon (save $80)
    Epos isn’t as new to the gaming headset scene as you might think. A few years back, Sennheiser spun off its gaming headset division into Epos, which is now creating its own brand of gaming cans. The H3Pro Hybrid is one such headset, and its one we’re big fans of. One of its best features is its connectivity; it will hook up to just about anything thanks to 2.4 wireless, Bluetooth, USB and 3.5mm jack support. You can always read up more in our Epos H3Pro Hybrid review.View Deal

    HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless | 50mm dual-chamber | 15 – 21,000Hz | Closed-back | $199.99 $159.99 at Amazon (save $40)
    The updated wireless version of the Cloud Alpha cans are our favorite wireless headsets, and this extra little discount only makes them that bit more tempting a purchase. Though only if you can’t find the BlackShark V2 Pro for less, however.View Deal

    SteelSeries Arctis 7X (Xbox Version) | 40mm drivers | 20–20,000Hz | Closed-back | Wireless | $149.99 $89.99 at SteelSeries (save $70)
    The Arctis 7X at a time was one of our favorite wireless headsets for both PC and console gaming. Its ski goggle headband is very comfortable and perfect for marathon gaming sessions. Our only problem is that the bass isn’t great for the price, and there’s no Bluetooth support, so it’s not great for commuting.View Deal

    Razer BlackShark V2 Pro | 50mm Tri-Force | 12 – 28,000Hz | Closed-back | $179.99 $99.99 at Amazon (save $80)
    I’m writing this copy listening to War on Drugs through these exact cans, and they are absolutely my go-to gaming headset. And I have access to a lot of gaming headsets… The multi-chamber driver design gives them supreme clarity, and almost an open back soundstage. And for under $100 they’re an outstanding wireless headset, either in black or white.View Deal

    Razer Barracuda X | 40mm drivers | 20–20,000Hz | Closed-back | Wireless | $99.99 $49.99 at Amazon (save $50)
    With multiplatform compatibility, this headset will let you plug and play on whatever device you’ve got (bar the Xbox) and it’ll be damn comfy while you play. The sound quality excellent, though maybe a little lacking against some of today’s headsets. Still, the battery life stands up at around 20hrs which should do you for one sitting.View Deal

    Razer Barracuda X | 40mm drivers | 20–20,000Hz | Closed-back | Wireless | $99.99 $56.60 at Amazon (save $43.39)
    The Quartz pink version of the Razer Barracudas here, they’re loud in sound and in style. This headset sounds great, and it’s multiplatform with a good battery life to boot. Not the longest battery life by any stretch but long enough to wear all day. Plus it’s super comfy.View Deal

    Logitech G435 | 40mm drivers | 100–8,000Hz | Closed-back | Wireless | $79.99 $49.99 at Staples (save $30)
    Alright, they’re not the greatest sound drivers around, but this is a snazzy headset built with smaller heads in mind. Up to around 18hrs isn’t the greatest on today’s market, either, but if you put comfort and hella bright style above all else, these are a pretty good deal right now.View Deal

    Sony Inzone H9 | 40mm drivers | 5–20,000Hz | Closed-back | Wireless | $299.99 $279.99 at Best Buy (save $20)
    Sony’s new premium PC gaming headset, the Inzone H9, is pricey, and this is the first time it’s been on sale since its launch. It has features like ANC, Bluetooth wireless, and a decent 32-hour battery life. While Inzone software isn’t the best, the default sound and sleek design are suitable for PS5 and PC gamers looking for a fancy headset. View Deal

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    Cyber Monday gaming headset deals in the UK

    Razer Kraken X | Wired | 250g | £49.99 £25.99 at Amazon (save £100)
    The Kraken X is already one of our favourites thanks to its affordability, supreme comfort, and great surround sound. The only drawbacks are that the mic is constantly in the way and the base isn’t as great as it could be. Still, these are super light and overall a great headset. Just know it connects with a standard 3.5mm jack rather than USB.View Deal

    Razer BlackShark V2 X | Wired | 240g | £59.99 £37.99 at Amazon (save £22)
    This is the budget spin of one of our favourite gaming headsets with a pretty nifty discount. It may not have the freedom of a wireless headset but these are comfy, cans at a great price. And the sound will not disappoint, especially at that price.View Deal

    Razer Kraken | Wired | 322g | £79.99 £36.99 at Amazon (save £43)
    I prefer the Blacksharks personally, but the Kraken is Razer’s standard gaming headset. Not only that, it’s a rock-solid gaming headset for the masses. With chunky 50mm drivers and a retractable mic, it delivers what a gamer needs. And it comes in a couple of colours to match your setup. The only thing is, like many gaming headsets, they can be a little too generous on the bass at times, but that’s not always an issue for everyone. If you love a little too much low-end, you might like the Kraken at this price.View Deal

    HyperX Cloud Alpha | Wired | 336g | £89.99 £39.99 at Amazon (save £50)
    The venerable Cloud Alpha may be getting on a bit now, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best, and best-sounding gaming headsets of all time. The smart driver design has been recently aped by Razer’s impressive BlackShark V2 range, and sounds as close as you can get to an expansive open back design in noise-isolating closed back headset.View Deal

    SteelSeries Arctis Pro | Wired | 426g | £179.99 £109.99 at Amazon (save £70)
    The outstanding Arctis Pro briefly dropped lower than this, but this is still a solid deal on a set of seriously hi-res gaming headphones. The 10–40,000Hz response of these cans makes them ua-clear for gaming, and deliver great depth for music too.View Deal

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    Cyber Monday wireless gaming headset deals in the UK

    Razer Nari Ultimate | Wireless | 432g | £199.99 £98.99 at Amazon (save £101)
    I’ll be honest, the haptic audio feedback built into the Nari does not float my boat, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t still a quality wireless gaming headset. And given that the wireless premium usually pushes headset prices well over £100, that makes the Nari Ultimate great value right now.View Deal

    Steelseries Arctis 7 | Wireless | 20–22,000Hz | 24-hour battery | £159.99 £94.99 at Amazon (save £65)
    The Arctis 7 has long been the de facto wireless headset of choice for many gamers, us included. A few people on the team use this headset and rate it highly for regular use. The mic is clear and the sound is surprisingly balanced for a gaming-first headset. Definitely tough to go wrong with this headset, especially at this price, which is nearly as cheap as it’s ever been on Amazon.View Deal

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    What should I look for in a Cyber Monday gaming headset?


    Since headsets seem like one of the only PC gaming products you actually can buy these days, there will be hundreds of options for you to choose from, with multiple retailers selling the same model at different discounts. But, don’t’ worry, we will let you know who’s got the best deal for you.