Forza Horizon 5 update offers new ways to wreck your PC performance, and improve it

version 2.4.12, which can be so-so.

FSR 3. This should incorporate some form of frame generation, lending to an up to two times performance increase over FSR 2, so says AMD. Though we know little more about it beyond its vague 2023 release date.

If you'd prefer to kill your frame rate instead, there are also two new ray tracing modes headed to the game, 'ua' and 'extreme.' Ray tracing has already been serving up some gorgeous close-ups of the cars in-game since launch, but now you'll be able to extend those glamorous player car reflections to Free Roam, photo mode, and during the actual races.

Forza Horizon 5 ray tracing table

(Image credit: Microsoft)

There's a handy table to show when and how ray tracing will be enabled based on your selection in the settings menu, so bear these in mind if you're looking to crank up your settings.

It sounds pretty taxing, if you ask me, but if you've just picked up an RTX 4090 then you need something to make it sweat. Owners of that high-end card will also be pleased to know that Forza now recognises its power and will set graphics quality automatically to 'extreme'. It was before defaulting to 'low'.

The update is available to download right now, and on my machine it's reportedly going to ask for around 10.9 GB in total.