Let’s Build a Zoo is a cute yet chaotic sim full of animal abominations Let's Build a Zoo


Take a quick look at Let's Build a Zoo, and you'll see your bog-standard zoo management game. There's a tiger, there's a cow… wait, is that an elephant's head on a giraffe's body? How does that even work?

It's something I found myself asking a lot as I pondered the various crimes against nature you can commit in Let's Build a Zoo. Sure, at its core it is very similar to the likes of Planet Zoo and Zoo Tycoon. But then Joe Exotic wanders into my zoo and offers to sell me a raboose—a cross between a rabbit and goose—and it feeds some weird chaos-loving part of my brain that the other games can't satiate.

Of course, you're not forced to dabble in these questionable activities. They often appear as random events, offering you a choice in the matter. One man asked me if I would like him to paint my horse to look like a zebra. Zebras are much cooler than horses, apparently. 

a demo on Steam right now, but the full release promises over 500 animals, with 300,000 different ways to squish them together into new, heinous creations.

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About the Author: Danial Bryant