Make your gaming experience bulletproof with Decksaver’s ua-durable keyboard covers

Decksaver's series of protective covers, designed to keep your keyboard safe from dust, liquids, impacts, and anything else that might turn your keyboard into an expensive dinner tray. For the last fifteen years, Decksaver has dedicated itself to safeguarding the electronic gear of DJs, music producers, pro audio specialists; and now gamers.

(Image credit: Decksaver)

As a result, Decksaver's protective covers are no simple or flimsy plastic covers. Each cover is fashioned from the company’s specification smoked clear, ua-durable polycarbonate, the same material that's used in bullet-proof glass! These super-tough covers are not one-size-fits-all affairs either. Each cover is designed to fit precisely onto your specific keyboard, with a wide range of covers available for keyboards from established brands such as Razer, Corsair, Logitech, Roccat, SteelSeries, and Hyper X.  Many hours of design, prototyping, and testing go into every cover, ensuring they provide the neatest possible fit over your keyboard while maximising protection.

If your cup of coffee slips out of your hand when you sit down at your desk in the morning, not only will a Decksaver cover protect your keyboard from the liquid, it'll protect it from the heavy ceramic too.

But the usefulness of a Decksaver cover stretches far beyond preventing occasional accidents. As well as keeping your keyboard safe, Decksaver helps to keep it clean. The average computer keyboard has 104 keys, which is great for playing complex strategy games or nuanced tactical shooters, but less ideal when all those keys start to get gummed up with dust and grime. Nobody wants to lose an entire afternoon to cleaning a keyboard, prying out every single keycap, clearing out whatever horrors have accumulated beneath, washing the keycaps, and waiting for them to dry, before having to painstakingly reset every single one. It's a fiddly, time-consuming, and precarious task, one that can be turned into a thirty-second wipe with a dust-cloth with a Decksaver protective cover.

(Image credit: Decksaver)

The polycarbonate shell of a Decksaver cover also makes them ideal for transportation. If you're moving house, for example, you don't want to spend an hour unpacking and setting up your PC only to discover your keyboard doesn't work, and a Decksaver cover is much more durable than a roll of bubble wrap or a few packing peanuts. But the covers are also suited for more general travel. Their bespoke slimline fit adds minimal bulk to your keyboard's existing dimensions, making it much easier to sling your keyboard into a case or a rucksack for easy, convenient, and safe transportation.

Indeed, Decksaver's covers complement their protective qualities with a distinctive flair for style. Each cover has a subtle smoked clear colour that perfectly complements your keyboard's particular design, letting the specific qualities of your keyboard (such as LED backlighting) shine through. Decksaver's cover design also accounts for the positioning of any wires or ports on your keyboard, ensuring there's no need to unplug or make any alterations to your setup when fitting the cover after your latest gaming session.

Prevention is always better than cure, so if you want to maximise your gaming thrills while minimising the risk of spills, head on over to Decksaver's official website and check out their full range of keyboard covers. Your keyboard might be peripheral in name, but it's an essential part of any PC gamer's setup, and a Decksaver cover ensures that your keyboard stays at the centre of your gaming until you decide that it's time for an upgrade.