New World crafting guide: What you can make with each trade skill New World crafting guide – character is standing next to a smelter in a busy settlement

New World tips guide to get you started. The New World beta runs until September 12, so you haven't got long if you want to check out as much of the MMO as you can.You also might be wondering which trade skills to use, and what you need to do to get going. While this isn't an in-depth guide, it does aim to help you figure out what to concentrate on, depending on your crafting goals. So without further ado, here's our New World crafting guide, including what you can make with each trade skill.

New World crafting: How to get started 

You can start crafting as soon as you reach the first big settlement, after completing the first few quests. You'll use various workstations to craft with, and these are introduced during the main story. As you'd expect, levelling up the various trade skills will unlock better items to craft and potentially increase your yield, but you'll also need better crafting stations too. Crafting stations are upgraded as players complete quests via the Town Projects board, but only if the company or guild that governs the settlement has it as an objective. You can see what's been set by looking at the goals on the project board—see the screenshot below.

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Gathering trade skills

You can gather basic materials from the start, such as flint and green wood, but you'll need specific tools to gather better materials. You get your first flint axe and mining pick from quests when you reach the first settlement, then you're sent on a quest to gather various resources.You can check out where to find most resources via the handily titled Resource Locations section in the left-hand column when you open the world map. This resource map will be particularly useful once you're doing more advanced crafting.The gathering skills are:

  • Tracking and Skinning: Meat and animal hide.
  • Logging: Young tree, aged wood, etc.
  • Mining: Stone, Iron, saltpeter, oil, and other precious metals and gems.
  • Harvesting: Herbs, hemp, and other plant life.
  • Fishing: Fish.

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Refining trade skills

The refining trade skills let you work the raw materials you've gathered, so you can smelt iron ore into iron ingots, for example. The refining trade skills are:

  • Leatherworking: Leather and tannin.
  • Woodworking: Timber, lumber, planks, sandpaper.
  • Stonecutting: Stone blocks and bricks, cut gems.
  • Smelting: Ingots and flux.
  • Weaving: Linen, sateen, silk.

Crafting trade skills

There are many crafting trade skills. It's helpful to know what you can produce with each, so you can concentrate on levelling the ones you need first. It's also worth noting that each of these trade skills can craft Repair Kits. 

  • Weaponsmithing: Melee weapons (not spears) and shields.
  • Armoring: Armor (all weights).
  • Engineering: Spears, ranged weapons, arrows, bullets, gathering tools.
  • Jewelcrafting: Jewelry and gems.
  • Arcana: Staffs, gauntlets, potions and tinctures.
  • Cooking: Rations, meals, fishing bait.
  • Furnishing: Furniture for player housing, including trophies.

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