New World hemp locations: Where to find this resource New World hemp

New World crafting guide should set you on the right path. But if you’ve grasped the basics and decided that you want to focus on weaving—or if you just want to level your harvesting skill and sell the materials—this guide has you covered. Here are some New World hemp locations, as well as what tools you need to harvest it.

New World hemp locations: Where to find and harvest fiber

So you know you need to find hemp plants if you want to get your hands on fiber, but you need to know what to look out for. Luckily, hemp is pretty easy to spot, thanks to its tall stalks and bright pink flowers.

If you consult the resource legend on the world map, you’ll see that hemp is found in forests and grassland, but that doesn’t really narrow it down. While hemp can be found in many places around the starting settlements, the most significant concentration is located in the grasslands to the west of Windsward and south of Everfall. You can check the map below for the general area or use this interactive map for specific locations.

You’ll need a flint sickle (or better) to harvest fiber from hemp plants, but unlike the flint logging axe and pickaxe, you won’t make one as part of the main quest early on. Thankfully, it’s simple to make one. Simply head to a forge with 1x green wood and 1x flint and craft it. Don’t forget to equip it when you’re done.

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How to make linen in New World

You can make linen using 4x fiber at a Tier 2 loom. You don’t need to be at a specific level in weaving either, so you can craft linen as soon as you have the raw materials and access to a loom.

Linen is a type of cloth that several trade skills can use in a variety of recipes. Light armour and bags are most obvious, though linen can also be used in heavier armor, furnishings, and even weapons and ammo.

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