Our favourite 32-inch 1440p gaming monitor is on sale for $300

Dell S3222DGM, one of our favourite gaming monitors and chosen in no small part for its affordability. Taking into account the breadth of bases covered, for an incy $300 it's worth considering if you want to upgrade to a speedy QHD monitor.

$300 really is not a bad price for a gaming monitor we've already labelled a bargain in our best gaming monitors guide even at full price. For a soft curved 1440p panel touting a 2ms grey-to-grey response time, AMD FreeSync, and a 165Hz refresh rate, there's not much missing. It's not uawide, so the curve might be a bit off-putting for some, but it's down to preference, really.

Right now, this monitor is cheaper than we found it for around Black Friday, last November, so those who missed out on a gaming monitor upgrade over deals season will be pleased over this one. And while the Dell S3222DGM is not the most technologically exciting piece of kit, it covers all the basics for gamers, packaging it up in a 31.5-inch panel with swiftness at its heart.

Dell S3222DGM | 1440p | 31.5-inch | 165Hz | 2ms | $529.99 $299.99 at Dell (save $230)
This brilliant curved monitor packs the kind of speeds any pro gamer on a budget could look for in a gaming monitor. It covers all the basics without breaking the bank, and that’s even before the discount. Now under $300, which is better than it was over Black Friday, this is a gaming monitor with a great value proposition.

With this one you forgo some more of the advanced features like HDR support, and IPS-powered image quality, and stretching 1440p across 32 inches does mean the S3222DGM is slightly lacking in terms of pixel-density. That's 93 pixels per inch if you're wondering, which isn't spectacular.

Of course, there are quicker monitors with better response times out there, but the S3222DGM is a vast, gently curved VA panel with a lot going for it. There's no need to worry where speed is concerned, and decent, all-round image quality, as well as the all important AMD FreeSync Premium certification make this deal well worth a look.

Frederick Catcher

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