Roaches and low profits drove me to be a slumlord in this real estate sim Roaches, noisy tenants, and low profits drove me to become a slumlord in this real estate sim

The Tenants confirms many of my suspicions about the world of renting, except I'm the terrible landlord.

The Tenants is a real estate management simulator where you buy, renovate, and rent out different types of furnished apartments to build an enormous property portfolio and hopefully become a disgustingly wealthy real estate tycoon. The Tenants focus a lot on the relationship between you (the landlord) and the tenants you rent to, alongside the usual management sim gameplay systems. 

What The Tenants does shockingly well is recreate experiences a lot of us have gone through as renters but from the landlord's perspective. At first I did everything possible to be the most accommodating and understanding landlord I could be. But once my bottom line started getting affected, it became much easier to turn into an absolute slumlord jerk.

The Tenants is currently on Early Access for $20.

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