Should you exile Lady Eadwyn in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? Let her be exiled ac valhalla let generic look after her

After you have weakened Eadwyn’s hold in AC Valhalla and made contact with Geadric, you will meet up with her and begin the assault against her stronghold. Once you have successfully stormed Eadwyn’s castle and taken her down a few pegs, you will need to make a decision. You have to decide whether you want her to be handed over to Geadric, or exile her in AC Valhalla. Continue reading to learn more.

AC Valhalla: Let her go exiled or give Lady Eadwyn to Geadric.

You’ll quickly discover that Lady Eadwyn is no pushover when you attack her castle. She will pull you into a fight with Lady Eadwyn and make it very clear–quite pointedly –with her spear. After you defeat her, you will be offered a few options.

  • Let her go

  • Let Geadric take care of her

This choice does not affect the story in anyway

Feel free to choose the Eivor that suits you best

. You might be wondering what will happen depending on your decision. Exiling her does that. Handing her over to Geadric means that he’ll arrest and take care of her. Eadwyn will never see you again.

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