The awesome Sim Settlements mod for Fallout 4 is getting a sequel null

Sim Settlements was our favorite mod of 2017. Sim Settlements is a fantastic reimagining Fallout 4’s settlement-building system. NPC settlers can build their own homes and buildings, which grow and change over time. Sim Settlements 2 is now available. The trailer shows that it’s bigger and more ambitious than its predecessor. King Gath, creator of Sim Settlements, told me via email that they are reimagining Fallout 4 if there was a main storyline in which settlements had a purpose and were important to the characters. It’s not an optional storyline for Preston; it’s the main driver of our quest line. Sim Settlements 2 is a standalone main quest with side quests. As you can see, there are many original voices and characters. Plus, a cute little pug! King Gath states that the story will be told in episodes. Act 1 is coming soon, and the rest will follow next year.

(Image credit to Bethesda/Sim Settlements mod)

King Gath says, “In addition to that, we’ll also have dozens of recruitable character which will be lured into your settlements depending upon what you build at these.” So, for example, if a Brewery is built, Scribe Monty Phylon (the Brotherhood’s best beverage Scribe) might be attracted. Or, Odette might be attracted to a large farm-focused settlement. Odette recently fled her farm following a tragic event. All of these characters can be heard and some have quests that they will send you on. We don’t yet know much about the new settlement building features and system in Sim Settlements 2. But we will soon reveal more information. King Gath states that Sim Settlements 2 will still support the original Sim Settlements mod.