The best Minecraft mansions

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The sheer amount of choice can be paralysing, though, especially if you want to create your own original Minecraft mansion and are simply looking for inspiration. Luckily, a lot of Minecraft house and mansion-building tutorials are great for learning the fundamentals of designing such a complex structure and actually making it look good. If you've already mastered how to build a house in Minecraft, then just looking at different ideas may help inspire your own.

This list of the best Minecraft mansions has a whole range of build tutorials and aesthetics. Though we have a Medieval mansion in this list, if that's more your style, the best Minecraft castle ideas may be a better alternative.

Large Oak Survival Base

If a Minecraft survival mansion was built to keep out the elements, this Large Oak Survival Base was built to keep out the apocalypse. It comes with what are essentially four symmetrical houses on each corner, protected by thick oak walls around the outside. In the center, it even has space for a garden. This one has a gorgeous architectural appeal and will keep absolutely everything out with its mighty oak barriers. 

Modern Mansion

Akila Gaming's modern Minecraft mansion is a spectacular sight. This tutorial might an hour-long, but the results are truly impressive, and not only will you have a gorgeous villa but an entire interior full of furniture and decorations. It's so plush, it's almost overwhelming, but Akila's tutorial is easy to follow with timestamps, blueprints, and a resource list to help you through.

Contemporary Mansion 

(Image credit: Mojang)

For when living in luxury just gets all too much, this place has a sauna, bowling alley, and an indoor pool so you can take a well-deserved break. In the spacious Contemporary Mansion there are enough rooms to make anybody angry about the state of the housing market. Why can't we all have a place like this? Is that really too much to ask? 

Medieval Mansion 

(Image credit: Mojang)

What these mansions have been missing is a Tower of Babel feel. They might all make you comfortable and protect you, but they don’t leave you with the feeling of superiority which comes from having a mansion built to the heavens. Enter Medieval Mansion. It stands head and shoulders – or roof and chimney – above its peers, and is a must have for anyone harboring dreams of world domination. 

Large Spruce Mansion

This large spruce mansion by YouTuber, Folli, would make the perfect woodland hideout. The tutorial above walks you through the materials, how to build the exterior, and how to give it that cosy cabin feeling with decorations on the inside, too. If you'd prefer something different, Folli has lots of other build tutorials, including a Large Oak Mansion and a cosy little Hobbit hole.

Wentworth Mansion

(Image credit: MINDBENDER0007)

Look at the size of this absolute, err, 'unit'. This lakeside place is surrounded by incredible views all around, especially with the right Minecraft texture packs. Not only is Wentworth Mansion huge, but you get your very own swimming pool in which to relax, too. It feels especially decadent since there's not exactly a shortage of the wet stuff in the vicinity. It's a bit much but, hey, that's the whole point of mansions. 

Designer Minecraft mansion

A Minecraft mansion designed by a professional architect

(Image credit: BuzzFeed Multiplayer/Mojang)

Though slightly different to your usual build tutorial, in this BuzzFeed Multiplayer Professionals Play video, they got an actual mansion architect to spend a couple of hours in Minecraft building his own ideal home. Though it's not as elaborate as a lot of the longer builds, it does offer some useful insights into architecture and how best to lay the foundations for your own mansion. 

Modern Mountain House

(Image credit: Mojang)

This is probably the most chill of the mansions in Minecraft on this list. Well, chill if you can deal with the mild terror that comes from looking outside from this cliffside dwelling and seeing nothing but the gaping abyss. 

Vertigo-induced nausea aside, the design of the Modern Mountain House is wonderfully modern (as you’d expect, given the name), with a trendy spiral staircase and large, airy windows. There's lots of storage and a big kitchen, too, giving you everything you need for a comfortable digital life. 

Cliffside Wooden Mansion

(Image credit: Mojang)

The Cliffside Wooden Mansion not only boasts a great view, but it's also well situated for mountainside mining. The smaller buildings on either side are a great touch, though: there is one right next to the mansion itself, which is great for storage or having guests in your world, but the one on the lake is especially picturesque. 

Frederick Catcher

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