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This might just be the most worthwhile Amazon Prime Day in terms of PC gaming deals we've seen. Not because Jeff Bezos has suddenly come over all benevolent towards us PC people, but because we're nearing the end of this current generation of hardware and Prime Day sits just before the new one kicks off.

This is the last sales event before the new Intel and AMD processor ranges come out, and before AMD and Nvidia launch their new graphics cards. That means you can be pretty sure that, when July 12 and 13 roll around, there will be discounts on full gaming PCs, gaming laptops, CPUs, and yes, even deals on graphics cards.

What a world, eh? Wait for two years for GPUs to actually become available and suddenly there are so many that people actually start discounting them. That's partly  because this generation is coming to an end, but also because the cryptocurrency mining boom has gone bust and second-hand graphics cards are likely to ease demand for brand new ones from this current generation.

And, if there are more GPUs on the shelves, there's a greater chance that we'll actually see them on offer. The high end cards are the most likely so see serious discounts—indeed, there are already sub-MSRP RTX 3090 Ti and RX 6950 XT GPUs on offer today—but what you should really be looking out for are the mid-range cards, such as the RTX 3060 Ti. Those are likely the furthest away from being replaced by next-gen versions.

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But there will also be a host of Amazon's own tech on offer, alongside other PC components, peripherals, gaming monitors, and maybe even gaming chairs. And I would almost guarantee that you'll see some stellar discounts on SSDs as the new PCIe 5.0 generation draws close.

But it won't just be Amazon that will have discounts on PC gaming hardware, as every retailer under the sun will likely hitch themselves to Jeff's sales wagon. That means you can expect the likes of Dell/Alienware to be shipping discounted laptops and full PCs, as well as Ebuyer and Overclockers hoping to one-up Amazon and each other with tech deals.

And who benefits if everyone's vying to offer the biggest discounts? Us! 

We'll be around to dig through the deals around the net to pick the ones you should be paying attention to, and which ones are either too good to be true, or simply not worth your cash even with a hefty discount. And our deals-hunting bots will be on hand from now until the Amazon Prime Day dust has settled, picking the best deals in every category every hour of the day.

Where are the best Amazon Prime Day PC gaming deals in the UK?

Other retailers are likely to take advantage of Amazon’s own sale to get their own summer sales events kickstarted.

deals on everything from laptops, to processors, to graphics cards

  • Scan – save on components and gaming PCs
  • Box – bargains on parts and full PCs
  • Ebuyer – £100+ off gaming PCs
  • Cyberpower – get £200 off RTX 3060 Ti gaming PCs
  • Dell – save over £100 on Alienware gaming monitors and over £500 on gaming laptops
  • Overclockers – save £400 on RTX 3070/3080 gaming PCs
  • HP – save up to £300 on the latest HP tech
  • Corsair – Corsair gaming chairs, RAM, and peripherals discounted at Amazon
  • Razer – save on the latest Razer laptops
  • Laptops Direct – get up to £300 off gaming laptops
  • PC Specialist – custom laptops and gaming PCs
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