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What VPN should I use for gaming?
You can find our guide to Virtual Private Networks if you are still unsure.
You have to be pulling your chains, right? It’s true that a VPN service can help you ping faster and keep your internet connection safe. It’s not magic that makes a slow internet connection lightning fast. But you will notice that VPNs that are best for gaming often have better routing than your current internet service provider (ISP). You might notice a decrease in packet loss and a lower ping. This could make your gaming connection more responsive. Although a VPN can reduce your download and upload speeds a little, it is not as significant as you might think. You can minimize this impact by choosing the best VPN to play games on. A virtual private network is the best option if you don’t want your movements tracked by a network. VPNs that are the best have a “no log” policy. This means they won’t store any data about you, or your activities. This will help you to stay safe in case of a data breach. It will also allow you to bypass geo-blocking. You can pay for VPN services if you need to unlock new games or subscribe to a service that is only available in your country. Don’t panic! It doesn’t take much to make a difference on a monthly basis. There are also differences in their cost, performance, features, and other aspects. We’ve tested several of the most popular VPN services to see how they impact your VPN gaming experience. Let’s discover the best one.

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1. Surfshark

The best VPN for gaming.

Servers: 1700+ | Countries: 63 | Max devices: Unlimited

Unlimited devices

Amazing speed

Performance at the top of the ping

Surfshark is my favorite. It’s my favorite VPN for gaming. It offers a great combination: lower ping than my un-VPN connection and a very minor drop in download speeds. Although it is slightly slower than NordVPN on uploads, it’s not enough to deter me. Streamers will want to prioritize upload speed and NordVPN is the best choice. As a streamer, it’s likely that you want to have full bandwidth at all times. Surfshark will be almost invisible while you are playing any game-related tasks on your computer. It made my gaming experience more reliable and less likely to be interrupted. The app is simple. The app has some nice features, such as an optional kill switch that will disable your internet connection if it drops for any reason. There is also a whitelister that allows banking apps to be accessed through the VPN block. The company has a strict no logs policy and appears to be reliable. Surfshark was also the only service that allowed unlimited access from one account. It’s a remarkable price, especially considering how it’s so cheap compared to other services. However, I haven’t found it suitable for torrenting. It was difficult for me to get it to work, so you might want to consider Nord.

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2. NordVPN

Best VPN for upload speed consistency

Servers: 5700+ | Countries: 59 | Max devices: 6

Highest upload and download speeds

Decent ping performance

Netflix Access

Surfshark is close to NordVPN but the toothy one wins due to its unlimited devices and lower price. NordVPN is however the best option for high-speed download and upload speeds. It has the fastest relative download speed, when compared to an unprotected connection, and the fastest upload speed. This seems to be the area where many VPN services fail, as it shows how much they impede your upload connection. My upload speed is already 10x slower that my downloads so I don’t have the luxury of losing any more. NordVPN delivers 85% of the connection while Private Internet Access drops to 35%. It’s still the best option if torrenting is your preferred method of accessing online content. Surfshark seems block all content in my experience, which makes Nord VPN the best option. It also has a great ping performance, beating my game ping scores and getting close to my unfettered Ping score. NordVPN uses the WireGuard VPN protocol. It’s called NordLynx. It is reportedly the fastest available and seems to make NordVPN run well. This is one of the most expensive services and you can only connect to six devices at a time. However, if you need the best performance, you’ll have to pay.

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3. IPVanish

This VPN is the best value for gaming.

Servers: 1400+ | Countries: 51 | Max devices: 10

Excellent value

Decent performance

IPVanish is one the most affordable VPN services that we have tested. However, it doesn’t mean you are missing out on any great features. Although it doesn’t have all the features of Surfshark and NordVPN, you get 250GB SugarSync encrypted storage, backup, and backup free of charge with a new subscription. But, it works well. It has a very minimal impact on my upload speed and download speed. I also notice a drop in the in-game ping while playing online. Although there was a slight spike in CSGO, it was not alarming and I experienced fewer packet drops than when using my standard internet connection. IPVanish is a great option to the two top-rated VPN services.

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4. ExpressVPN

The best VPN for global community.

Servers: 3000+ | Countries: 94 | Max devices: 5

Servers are available around the world

Great Chrome plugin

Our second-most expensive service is also the one that has the greatest reach around the world. ExpressVPN has servers in 94 countries around the globe, so it’s a good choice if you want to play with your friends overseas or travel a lot. However, it can sometimes be slow in CS:GO. However, it was the slowest in download speeds. Although 94% of my regular internet connection was fine, it was slower than ExpressVPN’s upload speed. But at five simultaneous devices, you can still share the load between your PC, laptop and phone. ExpressVPN is still reliable and quality. It may not be as fast as some other services, but it is still an acceptable option for PC gamers.

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What we tested

It’s a lot of fun to test VPNs. However, you don’t have to brick your internet connection every time you uninstall or install one. Honestly. It doesn’t happen every time. We have sourced accounts for all the VPN services and tested them on the same 100Mbit internet connection at the same time. These VPNs almost always cause latency and greatly hamper your network connection performance. These VPNs are not always the best choice for geo-blocked services like video streaming. I used Speedtest.net to measure my internet speed and then tested each service against that baseline. After installing each VPN, I tested them individually before reinstalling to install a new VPN. The fastest server and fastest protocol settings were used to test the straightline performance. Next, I tested game pings using Speedtest.