Valheim Wisp guide: How to craft the blue lights you see in the Mistlands

Blackmetal Axe. When you've collected your first piece of Yggdrasil wood, you'll unlock the recipe for Wisp torches, located in your build menu's furniture tab (they're not handheld torches, but standing torches).

The crafting recipe for Wisp torches is:

  • 1 Yggdrasil wood
  • 1 Wisp

How to get Wisp

Here's a refreshing twist on resource gathering: you don't have to go out into the world to find Wisp. Instead, it comes to you. You just need to lure it with a new buildable item.

To lure Wisp, you'll need to build an object called a Wisp fountain, which can be placed at your base. And to unlock the recipe for the Wisp fountain, you'll need one torn spirit.

How to get torn spirits

Here's where the formerly useless “Yagluth things” come into play. The Mistlands update renames them “torn spirits” and makes them useful. Go search through your chests if you've already collected Yagluth's drops. Otherwise, you'll have to defeat this boss to collect torn spirits. (You can find some tips in our Valheim boss guide.) Once you've picked up a torn spirit, you'll get the recipe for a Wisp fountain, found in your build menu under crafting.

Here's the Wisp Fountain crafting recipe:

  • 10 stone
  • 1 torn spirit
  • Stonecutter

The stonecutter requirement means you'll need to build the Wisp fountain within range of the stonecutter at your base (or place a new stonecutter). Once you've built and placed your Wisp fountain, you'll need to wait until nighttime to see it start working.

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studio)

When it's dark enough, Wisp (they look like small, glowing blue orbs) will fly to the fountain and begin slowly circling it. You can pluck Wisp right out of the air while it's circling your fountain, or wait a while and it'll drop down to the ground and just sit there. As long as it's dark enough, new Wisp will continue to visit your fountain.

With Wisp and Yggdrasil wood in your inventory, enter build mode with your hammer and click to place your Wisp torches in the Mistlands, then watch the mist around them melt away.