Ellie and Joel – Building The Last of Us Episode 1

At the heart of Ellie and Joel’s journey across America in The Last of Us is the way in which the pair grow from apprehensive strangers unexpectedly thrown together to a surrogate family for one another. Players can experience for themselves the ways in which that parent-child bond grows through The Last of Us Part I, while viewers have also been watching a new version of that pair take form on The Last of Us on HBO. But no matter the medium, that central relationship is at the bedrock of this first chapter in the story of  The Last of Us.

With the HBO series having just completed its first season, and with The Last of Us Part I now available for the PlayStation 5 console and for pre-purchase on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store (available March 28, 2023), our behind-the-scenes series Building The Last of Us next takes a look at the way Joel and Ellie’s relationship grows over the course of both game and show.

Watch the video below to hear from Neil Druckmann, Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, who originally starred as Ellie and Joel, respectively, and Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal, who star as the pair in the HBO series, and read on for more from the creatives. And be sure to check out our full Building The Last of Us series for a dive into The Last of Us’ unforgettable opening, how TLOU’s Clickers continue to scare us, and how the cruel world of The Last of Us is brought to life.