The Last of Us HBO show: characters, story and everything else we know…

Ellie and Joel’s acclaimed story comes to HBO. Here’s what we know so far.

On November 20, HBO announced a dramatic adaptation of the 2013 video game series The Last of Us. The post-apocalyptic third-person zombie shooter, about a father-daughter relationship and the horrible acts people commit in the name of love, is still considered one of the greatest video games according to gamers opinions from AskGamblers in history.

There’s a bit of irony in this commercial: The original game was already a narrative experience borrowed from the cinematic tropes. How would a TV series contribute to that universe? Would it expand the original characters and their motivations? Would it create new characters and events we’ve never seen before, or would it strictly stick to the original material? Would it include material from “The Last of Us” Part II, the most controversial and heartbreaking sequel to the original?

Slowly, we are getting answers to these questions and more. Here’s everything we know so far about HBO’s adaptation of “The Last of Us: Part II”.

The Last of Us Part 2

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