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Tchia Delayed To Early 2023

The delay train keeps on rolling. In a week that saw Kerbal Space Program 2 and Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown get pushed to 2023, one of the year’s promising indie titles won’t be arriving in 2022 either. Tchia was first announced at the 2020 Game Awards and unfolds on a beautiful island inspired by […]Read More


Own A Physical Compilation Of 30 Indie Games With Super

Super Rare Games has announced the Super Rare Mixtape Vol.3, a curated physical compilation of games from the “grassroots indie game scene” that harkens back to the days when mixtapes were physical items we could actually hold, and it looks awesome.  As the name implies, this is the third indie game mixtape released by Super Rare. […]Read More


Here’s 18 cracking minutes of Fallout: London gameplay

last year's announcement trailer, the mod team has released nearly 20 minutes of gameplay footage you can watch below. The gameplay trailer shows the very start of the game, beginning with a slideshow and voiceover (by a not-that-convincingly British narrator) and then moves on to the player waking up in a giant beaker surrounded by […]Read More


Apple is no longer the world’s most valuable company

most of SNK).  According to a report in the Financial Times, Apple lost its position despite being the first company to hit a $3 trillion market value back in January.  Apple has sustained losses of 19%, and its share prices fell to $146 (the lowest since November 2021) after hitting the $3 trillion mark. Currently, […]Read More


Xbox and 88rising: Music, Games, and Shared Experiences

Music and gaming have always been synonymous with each other, and when perfectly paired, the combo of audio and visual storytelling can often lead us to emotional and unforgettable experiences. From start screen nostalgia to sweaty palmed boss battle crescendos and watery eyed goodbyes, there’s a never-ending list of moments that continue to resonate with […]Read More