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PC Gamer UK November issue: Valve’s Steam Deck PC Gamer

App Store and Zinio. You can also order directly from Magazines Direct or purchase a subscription to save yourself some cash, receive monthly deliveries, and marvel at our exclusive subscriber covers. Here's what this month's looks like: (Image credit: Future) This month: Everything you need to know about Valve’s Steam Deck. How D&D inspired Doom, Quake, and Deus Ex. Previews of […]Read More


Tuscany Casino Dumps All Live Table Games

<p>Lots of Las Vegas casinos are cutting labor costs by replacing select live table games with electronic versions, but few have eliminated dealers completely. The off-Strip Tuscany, however, recently shut down and removed all its live table games. At one time, Tuscany had about 11 table games, but that had been whittled down to five […]</p> <p>The post Tuscany Casino Dumps All Live Table Games appeared first on Vital Vegas.</p> Read More


The best Technomancer build in Outriders best Outriders Technomancer build

If you&apos;re looking for the best Outriders Technomancer build, you&apos;ll need to be comfortable operating as your squad&apos;s support character amid the troubled world of Enoch. This long-range, technologically-proficient path is the only one that can heal fellow team members, so they fulfill a vital support role.That said, healing isn&apos;t the Technomancer&apos;s only strength. While […]Read More


Die shots of Sony’s PS5 chip reveal that something’s missing

Fritzchens Fritz, the legend who shoots infrared close ups of computer chips. Sure they&apos;re gorgeous, but look closer and you might notice something&apos;s amiss. These images show highlight the essential building blocks of the as-yet-unreleased AMD Radeon RX 6700, along with the company&apos;s Zen 2 CPU architecture, nestled deep within the Sony PS5. But Fritz, among others, noticed […]Read More


The best settings for Call of Duty: Black Ops –

If you’re building a PC specifically for Cold War, a 2070 is a great starting point if you’re unable to get your hand on any 3000-series cards. For Call of Duty, I recommend MSI’s GE66 Raider line. It’s relatively inexpensive, and even the low-end options ship with 144Hz panels. (You can also upgrade to 240Hz […]Read More