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Into The Breach Advanced Edition Coming In July, iOS And

With its approachable gameplay and chess-like complexity, Into the Breach has been an incredible strategy option for PC and Switch owners. With its upcoming Advanced Edition expansion, new content is getting pumped into the mech tactics games where it can already be played. Even better still, mobile versions are landing the same day with the […]Read More


Acer G550 Nitro gaming projector

£421 The G550 Nitro runs pretty warm. Thankfully it doesn't blast out hot air from the back end right into your eyes, and there's actually a warning light to let you know if the lamp temperature is getting too much—all through my hours of testing the light didn't blink once. Sadly, though, the lamp life […]Read More


11 Wholesome Direct Indies To Put On Your Radar

On a Saturday filled with indie game showcases, Wholes Games’ hour-long presentation set itself apart by spotlighting the independent titles that ask players to stop and smell the roses. From contemplative to whimsical, ambitious to comforting, around 100 games were nestled into the show. And while it was tough, we narrowed down the field to bring […]Read More