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F1 22 review

Official site F1 is properly back in vogue thanks to the Hamilton/Verstappen controversy of last year's finale, Netflix's Drive to Survive docuseries, and closer racing thanks to sweeping rule changes. Every team has managed to score championship points before the midway point of this season. Picking any one of these angles would be a great […]Read More


Happy Pride Month from Rec Room!

Summary Come celebrate Pride Month with us! Brand new Pride Month room with new consumables, events, and festivities! Show off your style with free queer identity hoodies! I’m more than excited to announce this year’s pride month celebration for Rec Room! Rec Room takes pride in its inclusive and diverse community, so it’s no surprise […]Read More


In 1991, Ultima went to Mars for some reason

Richard Cobbett wrote Crapshoot, a column about rolling the dice to bring random games back into the light. This week, the Avatar gets his ass to Mars, in an engine that's not exactly aced the test of time, but which still provides one of the most inspired spin-offs ever. Richard “Lord British” Garriott's Ultima is, […]Read More


David Harbour says World of Warcraft ‘ruined my life’

setting records, and the show is now headed for its fifth (and final) season. Harbour also recently scored himself a place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the Soviet super-soldier Red Guardian.  “I came back!” he said, “I'm the comeback kid. I'm the Tyson Fury of acting.” Ryder, for her part, said she's just a […]Read More


PC game collecting community rocked by game forgery scandal

Big Box PC Game Collectors, a Facebook group with roughly 6,100 members (of which I am one), the issue came to light when group administrator Kevin Ng received copies of Akalabeth, Ultima creator Richard Garriott's first game, 1979 dungeon crawler Temple of Apshai, and the Japanese edition of Mystery House from another well-known collector and […]Read More


Unexplored 2 review

Steam When I'm not singing, my roguelite avatar is busy lugging modifier-laden equipment around a hostile procedurally-generated land in the hopes of delivering a magical object to a forbidden place to destroy it and save the world. Yes, it's all a bit The Lord of The Rings, but Unexplored 2 is inspired by Tolkien in […]Read More